Entry: Kindness of Strangers
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From Pauly D
Website: http://pauldavidson.net
That is the COOLEST song ever, and ironically (like you say) -- my favorite song!

We are SO on the same page, STO.
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From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
Dude, that totally rocks! I hope the show has been a success.
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From Rick
Wow that was outstanding. Thanks a ton to Dave for coming up with that song. It is now in my ipod. Also thanks to Gary for sending Jessica those roses, wish I would have thought of that. This is the kind of stuff that made me not believe the first part of that im gonna quit post a while back. See JSto, told you we had your back.
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From naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
uh, wtf? PaulyD so needs help wink

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From lizriz
Website: http://everydaygoddess.typepad.com/
That's SO awesome! smile
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From Eddie
A ninja with two dozen roses in an elevator... Cue the theme song.
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From dorkiepervason
Thoughts of Ally Mcbeal flash through my head at moments like these...
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From Gary
Since I was not able to grace you with my awesome presence at your show, I thought the roses may somehow, though inadequately suffice smile

Seriously though, Jsto honors me...

"Accepting that which is
offered honors the giver" (Stephen Donaldson).

...I had to twist her arms, and attempt to use the touch of death (http://www.straightdope.com/columns/040521.html), and threaten innocent hamsters (as opposed to guilty hamsters) to get her to finally concede that I am awesome enough to bestow her a gift.

Sometimes there is great joy in having the power to make others happy, or to inspire, or to be able to cause a small smile, three thousand miles away.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Today I was at the beach.

This guy Tal was playing the guitar and I asked him if he knew my favorite song in life and he said he did and he played it and sang it and it was all very good.

And I sang along.

He had played Comfortably Numb once before, which was also very good.

So yes he definitely knew my favorite song.

That was a good three minutes.

From Magazine Man
Website: http://masthead.blogspot.com
Couldn't download the theme song, but the lyrics do well and truly rock!

BTW that CLUNK you heard earlier today was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor when I realized J.Sto HERSELF had crept ninja style into the archives of my humble blog. I am not worthy.

Art Lad is, of course. And very nice it was of you to visit him too. However, I had to explain to him that there are other ninjas besides those of the mutant turtle variety. wink

Could I write a longer comment? Probably. Anyway, you made our day. Come back any time. My first annual Giveaway of Crap is coming to my blog soon. You won't want to miss it. Sincerely.
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