Entry: Icarus
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From Stef
Red Bull. That will wake you up and give you tons of energy.
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From WestsideKef
Website: http://spaces.msn.com/members/WestsideKef/
It sounds like you know what the problem is. Icarus flew too high then crashed because the wings melted. I would say you need a rest...a real rest. Hard to say in this busy world, but maybe you have to try flying lower for a while. Keep smilin'.
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From wil
Website: http://www.wilwheaton.net
Have you tried emacs?
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From AJ
Website: http://www.ajgentile.com
Nerd humor courtesy of WW.

I got the joke.

I need a lady.

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From shane
Website: http://www.nickerblog.com
Holy crap Wil, that took a lot of googling for this tech-less nerd to figure out. Now I get it.

Ha-ha. Ha? (OK, I don't really get it. I just know that Vim and Emacs are related)
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From FoxForceFive
Website: http://thefoxforcefive.blogspot.com
Ok, can someone explain Wil's joke to me.

Also, I 2nd the RedBull! It helped me get "A"s in both semesters of Physics and O-Chem.

Meth will cause longterm problems, RedBull will remind you what it feels like to be productive again. You will be able to think clearly, it's... ahh.. wonderful.

Whenever I need to sit down and think (when I don't feel like sitting down and thinking) I cerimoniously drink a RedBull. It works.
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From Naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Tell hostf to take a hike.
(and don't stay up so late!)
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From naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
p.s. You are no Icarus. If your wax melts, your awesomeness will give you wings.

p.p.s. Wil's being so obscure. vim=VI Mode in emacs, lets you use VI commands in emacs. VI is a different editor (program you write text--usually code-- in), and if you want to use VI's key commands in emacs, you put it into VIM. So, really, it wouldn't give you any more VIM. Sorry.
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From Pete
Website: http://www.peterdewolf.com
One word...

Siberian ginseng!

I should warn you that while it does give one a boost of energy, it may have a couple of drawbacks.

1) Heart palpitations.

B) Everybody suddenly seems so much sexier. EVERYBODY. Even the French... Jennifer Lopez... statues...
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From Shawn
Website: http://lxg.typepad.com
Sunshine. Get outside in the morning or early afternoon for some sunshine and moderate physical activity. It helps the body feel rested.

Also, if more sleep at night isn't really an option then try power naps. Sit in a comfy chair, like a recliner, with your keys comfortably resting in one hand. When you fall asleep enough that you drop your keys it should jolt you awake and you should feel a little more rested.
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From Chris
Vacation... go away to an unfamiliar place and veg.
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From Morgant
Website: http://telaranrhiod.com
1) For anybody who doesn't read Slashdot (though I can't imagine why...), you can get a pretty good rundown on Wil's emacs joke at the venerable Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Editor_war

2) Now, to be as un-nerd-like as possible: it's all about water, light, and movement. I tried all the rest of the suggestions during my recently concluded college career and, while they may keep you awake, they also reduce the quality and speed of your work. I know it seems crazy (coming from a computer nerd), but water is the only thing you can drink in absolute abundance and never worry getting too much in your system. Also, I second Shawn's suggestion of sunlight. The body is meant to stay awake during daylight hours, so if you've got the sun, use it. Lastly, keep moving. Especially if you've been awake for more than 30 hours, only sit down if you're actively working. If you're just thinking, get up and walk around.

Now that I've lost all my nerd-cred promoting water, sunlight, and physical action, I'm gonna go write some code... on a linux machine... in emacs wink
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From BuzzKill
Website: http://thetetraults.home.comcast.net
Complete a couple of simple projects that you can do within a short period of time, say an hour or so. Sometimes all the little unfinished things in our lives can add uneccessary stress that can push us over the edge. Stress is very fatiguing!

After completing the above; Rest, water, sun, something fun (and different) is my advice!
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Times like these, well...

I love you guys. Really.

(Even Wheaton and his insane nerd jokes.)

From TOS
Website: http://wandertos.blogspot.com
I don't know what tired is anymore... I'm on ADD meds and for some reason stimulants like ritalin and adderall make me focus - but they do keep you very awake which is nice unless you want to nap in the afternoon!
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From Q
For physical tiredness. Get a good, deep sleep. Benadryl may help you achieve this easily.

For mental tiredness: Drop anything approaching "work". Then go hang with/call the person (or people) that make(s) you laugh the most. It will make all the difference in the world. I was reminded of this quite recently.
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From Kelli
Power Nap... it works, and you still go to sleep at night...
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From Kelli
Energy drinks or bars will get you up and then make you crash... They are just ploys to get people to waste money..
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From Eddie
Be selfish. Watch a kick ass flick and don't even think about structure, character, or anything.
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From EdwoodCA
Lotsa great suggestions... 'cept for the Red Bull.

Mental breaks are a necessity when you've been intensely focused, working hard, and burning the candle at both ends for extended periods of time.

Go outside. The Sun is good. [with sunscreen/block, dat is.]

After sunset: go outside. A moon tan feels great and is infinitely safer than the sun varietal.

Then when yer done moon tannin':
Like Eddie said... watch a kickass flick. Just not one by Michael Bay, or some asshat like that.
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From mrs L.
pour a glass of shiraz, crank up 'these are the days' or 'steve mcqueen', throw on the sunglasses and sit in a sunbeam. even works for this evil little gothmetalhead.

oh. and what wil said - emacs.
what, have you been using vi or something?

btw, every time I read your blog I end up with sheryl crow in my head, like if she were a screenwriter she'd be you, though I only know both of you by your words... hope that's okay with you...
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From FoxForceFive
Website: http://thefoxforcefive.blogspot.com
I'm tellin you! RedBull! Don't believe the dissenters! RedBull is freshly squeezed from the fruit of awesome!
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From Andre

That sounds like something I would say. If you read this Wil Wheaton, check your shorts.
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From Pauly D
Website: http://pauldavidson.net
Whenever I'm tired, I eat a combination of a hard-boiled egg and Orangina.

Always helps.
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From Kelli
Great minds think alike....
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