Entry: One Less Guide
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From naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Delightfully cryptic, daaahling...
Is there some bizarre chance that you've gone tv-free? It's been 1 year, 4 months for us, and yes, we feel we're better off for it. Then again, it could be a cable modem you're referring to.
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Official Comment From Jessica
PS: Movies are better anyway.

From Krisitna
the OC blows
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From Sponky
Website: http://toomanylosers.blogspot.com
I got rid of my TV a few years ago for a couple of months. It was really really nice.

Sadly though I ended up suffering some really bad insomnia, so I got it back.

Now I'm just trying to exersise some disapline. It's not going so well so far.
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From TOS
Website: http://wandertos.blogspot.com
I haven't had cable for 4 years - if I am dying to watch tv I either go to my boyfriend's house (Being Bobby Brown nights for sure - even I need some trash!) or find a friend. Otherwise I don't miss the bill or the frustration of nothing being on.

My PC died yesterday though, which means no streaming music, blogging, IM - arrrrrrrrrrgh I am dying!
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From Amanda
TV is the devil. But I cannot resist it. At least I don't watch any of that reality crap. That shit'll rot your brain. (and possibly your teeth while you're drinking straight out of a 2 liter of Mt Dew sitting on the couch in your trailer)
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From Kelli
I must admit, that I am a news and OC junkie, though I have not watched at all this summer, I will return to the OC when new episodes come back...
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From FoxForceFive
Website: http://thefoxforcefive.blogspot.com
I saw this:
and thought of you.
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From Stef
The Chumscrubber website: http://www.chumscrubber.com/
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From Stef
Moriarty gives his mini reviews of a few movies here, including The Chumscrubber. American Beauty is mentioned in it and I was like, WTF? I should be writing for Ain't It Cool News because I totally made that comparison to Jess and I only saw the trailer.
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From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
I see a little American Beauty in Chumscrubber. But I also see a lot of Donnie Darko. And maybe even a little I Heart Huckabees.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
I immediately thought I (heart) Huckabees as well. I can see where you got DD from: The anti-hero. No?

From Stef
There were some Donnie Darko mentions on Ain't It Cool News. I have a feeling this movie is going to be great. I fell in love with the trailer before I even got half way through it the first time. If a movie pulls up comparisons to American Beauty, Donnie Darko, and now I Heart Huckabees, it better not suck or I'll pound people in the face with a big rubber ball.
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From Stef
I'm also excited to see The Green Street Hooligans. The trailer I don't think is the greatest, but I think it really captures what the movie is about, soccer hooligans over in England. They are promoting a movie about hooligans so I think it's awesome. http://www.hathawaymix.org/shelly/websites/elijah/trailers/hooligans.mov
Of course they could have picked a better team than West Ham, simply because I'm not a West Ham fan. I would have gone with Chelsea. Man Utd is too overrated, although I'm still a fan. I guess they didn't want a team that is great recognized though. Also, it's not really about the team, but about those crazy ass fans.
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From Iria
Living without TV... No, I don't think I could do it. That would mean no "Dr Who" anymore - and that's just too horrible to imagine.
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From lisa
Website: http://futuristicky.com
I haven't turned on my TV in a few months. I discovered that I can still keep up with shows like The OC, though -- I just have a friend give me the 60-second summary of what happened. (The other option is Television Without Pity, but their summaries are so long that reading them takes almost as long as watching a show.)
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