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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
PS: I must protest Rowling's random, uncreative usage of zombies. WTF was that about? They were set up and hardly used. In addition, zombies are played out.

For sure.

On the other hand, I find all of the Death Eater terrorism to be terrifically rad as it is timely and relevant. (As a modern myth should be.)

From Stef
I too disliked the Zombies. I agree, zombies are totally played out, except in Shaun of the Dead. Maybe Rowling should have had Harry throwing records at them or hitting them in the heads with a cricket bat.

I have always loved Dumbledore because not only is he the greatest wizard, but he is a little crazy. After this book, I don't think it's just Harry that is Dumbledore's man through and through. I think we are all. I know I am at least.
I find myself wanting badly to jump back on the Hogwarts Express again.
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From Nicky
I loved this book. I can't help thinking that people are just expecting too much from JK. We have to remeber that not every second of Harry's life is going to be an adventure. I thought she filled a need in harrys life by introducing the relationship between himand ginny, showing him as not just the 'chosen one' but as a 16 year old boy that needs some of the normal aspects of life.
She has definately set the scene for a brilliant final chapter.
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From Mae
i totally agree....the seventh bk is gonna BE the book. HBP is more like the transitory book from 'peace-time' to a full blown war with voldemort. i can't wait for it to be written and published already! she has definitely set the stage for it in the concluding chapters of the book. i have to say tho, that the first part of the book felt as if i were watching some nice teen drama serial. AND i definitely liked it beta as compared to the 5th book!
bottomline: HBP's great!
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From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net
I haven't read any of the books (shame on me, I know), but I started HP by watching the movies. So maybe once the movies are done, I'll snag the entire collection of books and read them while on vacation, lying in a hammock, by the lake side, in the shade.

This year's reading is the Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy by Robert J Sawyer - not fantasy, but hard science fiction.
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From Oliver
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. I thought the book - like any story leading to the penultimate climax - was well-crafted. The use of the zombies was rather ingenious, in that it symbolizes something very key to the end of the story.

Forgive me, but hats off to JK Rowling for another fine chapter in this seven-chapter saga.
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From Steve
Website: http://www.bostondreams.blogspot.com
I enjoyed the book...still not sure about the goals of the Half-Blood Prince though. Something about his last encounter with Harry...
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From Kirk
I've read a few reviews, and it seems like people are taking the book way too seriously. This was an amazing book. It was obvious that it was a transitional piece, but it still kept me glued to the pages. Also the zombies weren't supposed to be a big part of the story. HBP also mentioned vampires, but no one is ripping into the story because it didn't go into further detail. This was a fun book, and I pity anyone who took it that seriously.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Much like you, I have yet to read a review that I agree with.

External coverage.

It was difficult for me to point out anything amiss with the execution of HBP, but I cannot be a blind fangirl; I am a writer, after all.

The Harry Potter books are mine and C.Sto's favorite books. The movies, WTL, are quite another story. You are truly missing out by not reading Rowling.

And, as for the zombies (Inferi), they sucked in comparison to Rowling’s Dementor and Werewolf work.

So there.

From Kyle
I have to Agree with Oliver,
I thought that it was the best HP book to date,even with the Inferi. The book had a very depressing but respectful way of going about at the end, and I'm shure that many people cried at various points around the end.
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From klara
I think the book is fun, and if it just sets stage for no.7, so what? The same can be said about SW: Empire Strikes Back! But... I just wonder. About Severus. Is it that plain? Or shall we find out...more? Do you wonder also? I admit I kinda liked him, so this can be just my desperate longings...
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Well, I don’t like to spoil things that aren’t even out yet, (because I’m usually spot on, such as in the case of who the HBP is,) but…

Clearly Snape will be forced to make the ultimate choice between saving Harry or Malfoy. He will choose Harry, and the Unbreakable Vow made with Narcissa will kill him. Thus, his character arc will be complete.

And, Snape may have an Unbreakable Vow with Dumbledore, too. Or Volde.

There is also the question of whether or not Snape knew what Draco was ordered to perform when he made the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa. He may have told Dumbledore about it, and, since D knew what Malfoy was up to, well, what do you think he told Snape to do? Why do you think he was pleading with Snape? Dumbledore would not be one to let Snape die. We all know he would sacrifice himself.

Rowling is clever, so look for a way that the wording of the vow and the events surrounding might be twisted to yield surprises.

Which begs the question; When D died, did the vow end? Or just a part of it? As we do not yet have all the rules to the UV, we will have to wait and see.

From Stef
I don't want to wait until the next book. Rowling better start writing it asap.
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From Stef
Jess, I was convinced all along that Snape was a Death Eater, but I took a trip to the-leaky-cauldron.org and the one quote had a link to an old interview with Rowling. Here's what it said:
There’s an important kind of redemptive pattern to Snape.
JKR: He, um, there’s so much I wish I could say to you, and I can’t because it would ruin. I promise you, whoever asked that question, can I just say to you that I’m slightly stunned that you’ve said that and you’ll find out why I’m so stunned if you read Book 7. That’s all I’m going to say.
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From Dave Ryder
Website: http://www.daveryder.com
Hey everyone I started a buzznet account called potterpics
where everyone can post their midnite party pictures : log-in = potterpics password = ta-dow
Lets see your cool midnite harry potter photos!
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From Sean Giovanello
Website: http://www.wmd.typepad.com
I just finished reading the book in a single session. My impressions might not be entirely coherent at this point, but I thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable book.

What most of the commenters appear to have missed is that so much of Rowling's work is about growing up and Harry has reached adulthood in many ways in this book through his suffering, sacrifice, and loss in life.

In the next book, we will see Harry and friends stand (or fall I guess) on their own two legs, as their role models and guides have either died (Sirius and the person I wont name for those who havent read the book), diminished as the trio grew older (Hagrid), or appear to have betrayed them (Snape - even though he has been a most questionable role model).

Great writing and I thought it was wonderful that the zombie part wasnt the dawn or shaun of the dead, but rather in the background and shackled to the purposes of dark magic rather than wandering aimlessly.

While I feel there is much better fantasy writing out there in the form of Martin, Card, Brooks, Jordan, Hobb and numerous others, Rowling does an amazing job taking it mainstream. Further, she has accomplished the two great tasks of all fantasy writers - creating an interesting, compelling world and populating it with people the readers cannot help but care about...
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From Dave Ryder
Hey if we're gonna list great writers let's not forget the greatest of them all (IMHO) - Jack Vance. He is the shizzit with a capital SHIZ.
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From Doctor Science
I like this book. But.

1. Time turners, seen in book 3, would have saved everyone who needed saving.

2. The luck potion should be mass-produced for the good-guy forces in book 7. Also invisibility cloaks. And get Nearly Headless Nick to do recon.

3. Time turners would have saved Harry's parents. They'd have stopped Voldemort's initial rampage. They'd have fixed EVERYTHING.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Doc -- Rowling has covered all but the NH Nick portion of your points.

And, my main complaint about the Inferi is that we don't have a build up to what they can do, (how scary they are,) so when Harry faces them it's not as exciting and tense as usual Rowling.

From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net/
Oh, I'm sure the books are good, I just really *hate* waiting for the "next book", so I'm content to wait until the series is done - just like I did for the Neanderthal Parallax trilogy. When the HP series is done, I'll get them all, and read them while on vacation. Might be a few years, though. But, I am patient(ish). wink
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From Kyle
Well Doctor There are some flaws in your thinking. now just to Explain:

1. All the Time Turners were destroyed in teh fith book if I remember corectly

2.Felix Felicis is not good for you if you take it to much so it wouldn't help at all. If you remember from the fourth book Mad-eye Moody could see through the invisibility cloak with his magical eye so I'm shure that there are other ways to se through invisibility cloaks.

3.When you use a time Turner you can't go forward so they would have had to go back a looooong time to save Harry's parents so they would have been about twice their age when they finally catch up to when tehy left. Also If they saved Harry's parents Voldimort would not have weakened and thus making his own demise.

well there you go.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Cousin Kyle is a kinder genius than I: I would require you to do your own homework.

Then again, he is off for holiday and therefore has no homework of his own. Perhaps it is more boredom than kindness.

Anyway, I’m sure he’d do your math homework and so forth if you annoy him with (or by faking?) your inability to do so yourself.

From Stef
Even though he has the answers now, I still think Doc should go do some reading up on Harry. He should be assigned a new homework assignment now or something. I'm drawing a blank on ideas at the moment.
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From Doctor Science
Look. I like the books. I thought this one was the best, in the dramatic sense. I'm not making fun.

But dude. The Potters didn't have to die! If Time-Turners are a brand new technology, that's one thing. But if they've been around for decades, as have most of the spells and items in Rowling's universe, then they existed the night James and Lily were killed.

So Dumbledore could have heard about the Potters' deaths the night of the attack. And he could gone back an hour or so and gotten them out of the house.

So sure, the remaining turners were destroyed, preventing the events in Half-Blood Prince from being undone.

All turners were destroyed? Everywhere in the world? Even in the Department of Mysteries?
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From z-man
Some people just don't get it. Either that or I hate simplistic arguments on how everything could have been righted in a story (whatever medium its in).

Get off the time-turners my friend. Sometimes events have to happen or things would not have been right. Could the Potters have been saved? Quite possibly, yes. However Voldemort would be alive, powerful, controlling the world and enslaving all the muggles.

Others deemed it that even thought it was a great sacrifice it would have to remain that way for the greater good.

Oh yeah, and had that happened there would be no series of wonderful books about a young boy growing up, without his parents, finding out he is a wizard, learning and stumbling along the way. Dealing with opposing forces that want revenge on him for what happened, along with a being wants to come back to full power and destroy him and the world.

Yup, no point in writing those if you save everyone at the start.
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From Dana
Doctor S, it's like everyone has said the time turners are covered in the books regarding why they can't be used in the ways you are saying. Jessica is right you need to do your own homework because you are exhausting everyone else with your muggleness. wink
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From QR
I would just like to say that i believe Snape is still on the "good side". The whole chapter dedicated to the unbreakable vow, the mysterious argument with dumbledore, and the pleading of dumbledore at the end, suggests that it was dumbledore that asked snape to kill him as to not break the vow. It would just be very characteristic of Rowling's writing to have a twist like this. If you look at the wording, it seems that Snape hates himself because he will be forced to kill dumbledore, not because he hates him. Also, Snape refuses to fight harry, he does not as much even throw a jinx at him. Just my views smile
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From The Great Kyle
Man Doc you just got served 6 times. If I were you I'd stop digging a bigger hole and just forget it. From now on there shall be no talk of Doctor S's stupidity any more, so says the great Kyle.
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From Steve M
Website: http://www.bostondreams.blogspot.com
Don't forget, too, that Snape was continuing to teach Harry how to fight there at the very end (concerning spoken spells)
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From Amanda
I can't tell you how entertaining it is that this turned into a HP debate. I am early into the HBP and the only thing I can say w/o a doubt is thank goodness we didn't have to go through the early set-up chapters w/the Dursleys!
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From Doctor Science
Sorry I brought it up.
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From Stef
I don't see why Doc shouldn't be allowed to bring anything up. He's not stupid just because he didn't pick up on things in the books that others did. I mean, not everyone who reads Harry ends up being a Harry Potter expert.
I, however, have proven myself a Harry expert by passing all of my exams with an A. I totally have 5 OWLS so far. Those that wants to also test their Potter knowledge can go here: http://sorting-hat.com/
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From klara
Thanks to all that reacted to my question about Severus. I am sooo glad we share the same feelings, especially that D. was actually pleading for DEATH, not HELP. (Can you imagine D. pleading for help?)
I can tell you now that I always (about since No.4) had the theory that S. will be the one last person to help Harry in the end and die during the final duel btw.Harry and Volde. Though I had to change my theory a bit now, I just keep thinking, Snivelus (smile...) is the main hero.
And, thanks for the quotation from the interview.
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From Stef
I always thought that Snape was evil, but Jess changed my mind on that, and then I found that one quote from Rowling that pretty much proves Jess will be right about Snape.
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From RAS
I personally loved the Half-Blood Prince. Probably my favorite of the series. I am quite annoyed with all these people bringing up things to call weaknesses. First for the Inferi, is it possible that the creatures were not just stupidly thrown into the book, but perhaps setting up for the next book? I believe that the next book will show many more Inferi, possibly in place of some death eaters, as we know that Voldemort was not exactly social and may prefer the dead to the living. I thought it was great the way Rowling set things up in this book. Compare it to the first book, which was similar in that it was making a setting. She very cleverly put things together and did it in a way that glued my eyes to the pages for hours. I was also quite amazed how she brought up things from past books to tie up any lose ends, for instance the horcrux with Riddle's diary. And it was also great how she showed Riddle's past life, its important to really show his background, something she did excellently. And I also think that the people saying Snape might still be on the good side could quite possibly be on to something, it would be just like Rowling to throw something hidden into the story like that.
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From Jon
Regarding Nearly-Headless Nick and his ability to do recon: I seem to remember him saying that ghosts are mere shadows left on the Earth to tread where the real person once did. Hence the ghosts don't wander off on round-the-world tours: they can only go where they were in life (and perhaps more specifically they are each tied to a specific magical place where they spent the most time whilst alive).
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From Marissa
About the zombie thing(inferi- latin for dead). They may play an important roll in the next book, or perhaps j.k. rowling was thirsting for a villain. It would have been more viable had they been mentioned in earlier books instead of just popping up in the HBP. After all, giants, death eaters, and dementors, all followers of Voldemort, had shown up well before their spotlight in the books.
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From EdwoodCA
37 passionate comments about the book. cool. But what about the Rad Link to SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy "The Rapist/therapist" skit???

Jessica, you've got to see "The Penis Mightier/The Pen is Mightier" skit. It's even better! Hope they have it uploaded there, too.
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From lizriz
Website: http://www.everydaygoddess.net
Was anyone else upset by the whole superhero act Harry gave Ginny at the end? Man, I hate that so much it's almost killed the whole book for me AND anticipation of the next one! It just seems so lazy on JK's part. And Ginny! Get a backbone, girl. She just GOES ALONG WITH IT??? I thought that Harry's power was LOVE??? I realize all may be fixed by 7, but I do believe that a book should be able to stand alone in an enjoyment sense, even when part of a series.

Maybe this is just my own personal pet peeve?
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From Jon
Heh I'm guessing you're a girl. The books have a hero, not a heroine. There are plenty of strong female characters, but in the end Harry is the Chosen One.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Semi-agreed on the thing with Ginny, especially since he is letting H & R go along with him. Ginny has been involved before and is perhaps more capable than R. It seems a little unnatural at this stage that he should try to hide her away to protect her. However, their relationship does need to be addressed at the end and the “we have to break up” is simply a technique to show how much he cares about her. Ginny wouldn’t argue it out at the funeral (as she probably would do otherwise).

My peace lies in knowing that Ginny won't listen and stay away. (Which is why she's my favorite character.) There will be some good dramatics involved in that storyline, I expect.

From naiah
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Per inferi: i have a feeling that, for some reason, something involving them must have been cut. The whole "don't introduce a gun in the first act if it won't be fiored in the third" rule, y'know? Lots of build-up to not much action there.

Per Ginny: Um, like Voldie ain't gonna go after R, H, or any of the Weasleys, etc. Didn't really come togteher. probably just part of Harry's mindset at the time, feeling alone after losing Dumbledore and screwing his courage to the sticking place in regards to hunting down the horcruxes.

The build to the climax of the plot was definitelty choppy. I suddenly noticed the pacing had quickened and consciously pulled the book away to turn and see how many pages were left, seeing just less than 20% of the book, said to myself "oh, I guess so; here we go..."

I still thought it rocked, and of course am now going to reread them all to fill that post-new-installment binge void.

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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Before I post a new entry, thus dropping this one from the top where it, undoubtedly, will not be seen as much…

I have always been enamored by story. Since I was very, very small, I have searched for those who have read the same works as I. This has been a challenge as most of my posse are not involved in reading. At all.

HBP is the first book discussion that has occurred on JSDC.

My friends, it has been a felicitous pleasure.

From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
Since there's no seperate entry - Big ups to The Gunn. Happy birthday!

Oh, and what's a "Harry Potter?" I'm still confused.
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From Morbo
"Kudos" to you JStover and everyone on JSDC else for impromptu HBP discussion.

I have enjoyed it immensely as I continue into Chapter 15 of the book.
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From Erich the Viking King
I'm still waiting to get the books on tape (Vikings don't read). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that, similar to this Harry Potter character, I am a hero.

Good day.
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From klara
I must say that I quite liked Harry's behaviour in the end, including what he said to Ginny. In the previous books, the end was always the same - you know: Harry is sooo, sooo upset, doesn't want to talk about it, so Dumbledore helps, and finally we are on the train and joking again... Even last year, almost 16 years old, he behaved quite childish, I thought.
Here, though, are real, responsible, grown-up decisions - not only the (rather pompous, I admit) one with breaking up with Ginny, but all of them - not to come back to Hogwarts etc. I must admit I do NOT enjoy most of the text which should show Harry growing-up; to me, it seems the weakest part of HP - all the "girls and feelings stuff". So, this was the first real, well-done sign of his now almost manly age. I almost felt how he changed!

And, thanks for the whole discussionsmile!
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From Amanda T.
I thought this was a good "prepare you for year 7 book". It gives you the full history of Voldermont so you understand why he still lives and why Harry is the one who must go after him. What I didn't like is that Harry returned to his nice brave do-gooder self. And the relationships were way too random and sudden:
"I miss Cho. Wait, I'm over Cho. Holy shit! Ron's sister who used to stalk me is actually hott. I love you Ginny. I must be like Spiderman and tell you this won't work because Voldermont can't know who I love."
....The fifth book is still my favorite thought.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Just googled about for a bit and the Regulus theory is gaining popularity. Although, most people simply list the initials as their argument while I tend to look at it more from story setup.

Here’s to future surprises.

From shane Nickerson
Website: http://www.nickerblog.com
After finally finishing HBP (don't yell at me, I have a toddler), I have some thoughts.

Even though I am late to the JMS Book Talk party, here are some random ideas:

Overall, I really did enjoy the book although (and I suppose, BECAUSE) it deviated slightly from the:

1. Summer sucks with the Dursleys.

2. Finally it's time to go back to Hogwarts after receiving some sort of news about what's been going on in the wizarding world(which also signifies the beginning of the mystery).

3. Reunion and resetting of main characters, including introductions to the new characters.

4. Back to the grind of school as pieces of the mystery continue to appear.

5. The "Encycolpedia Brown" section where H, H, and R accept the challenge to solve the mystery (usually one of them protests or dismisses the other's theories about the solution as rubbish).

6. Allusions to larger, Voldemort related events are constant and the feeling that the events are all part of a pre-ordained chain of events (more related to the adult wizarding community) is always present.

(mixed in are lots of new, clever and amusing spells, jinxes, trinkets, potions, backstory and hexes.)

8. The mystery is solved (at the expense of a character), thus bringing the larger mystery one step closer to resolution.

9. Alas, the train back to the Dursley's.

That said, I love that formula. I think that by removing key elements of it in this book, she put me on edge. That, coupled with the fact that a main character would die was publicly circulated (didn't we all kind of know who it would be?), gave me a sense of gloom almost from the outset.

I also think parts of it were rushed. I almost felt spread too thin as a reader. For example, why Scrimgeour? To me, he seemed rather inconsequential and undeveloped as a character. For all of the buildup in the beginning with the real Prime Minister and Fudge, Scrimgeour didn't really have anything to do with the story. Enlighten me if I'm being ignorant about something obvious. And yes, I know that much of the book is laying the groundwork for the finale, but still...I want meat, not fluff.

I suppose that JKR must contend with the fact that as the story hurtles further and further away from cute magic novelties and Quiddich, she must appease both the children who love the magical adventure and the adults awaiting the ultimate triumph of good over evil with heavy casualties and inescapable sacrifice.

Final musings:

Snape is Dumbledore's man, through and through.

So is D. Malfoy, I think, though he doesn't yet fully know it.

The Imperi will be back in frightening, unthinkable ways.

Hagrid's time seems to be drawing nigh.

Is it a coincidence that Dumbledore was so closely tied to a Phoenix?

He will be back in some capacity.

So will Sirius?

Doesn't the ending lead you to believe that there's a tiny, tiny chance that this will carry beyond book 7? I know what's been said. I know, I know.

But this, from the last chapter:

"Dumbledore said to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then could evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated..."


This particular story might end at seven, but the characters and the world can continue for ages. (At least, the ones who survive.)

Of course, I know JM and lots of others are more versed in theories and speculations related to the HP series, so I say all of this with the caveat that I'm happy to be convinced that any and all of these points is rubbish.

JM- enlighten me.
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From Shane Nickerson
Website: http://www.nickerblog.com
Oops. Inferi, not Imperi.
I'm dumb.
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From John Doom
Website: http://johndoom.blogspot.com
You and Shane there made me pick up the first in the series. The next day I had ordered the next two, and I am quite delighted with the idea of continuing to visit Hogwarts in a way that is slightly different from the movies.
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From Stef
We don't know if Regulus was actually killed by Voldemort. Sirius says that he wasn't important enough to be killed by Voldemort. I was sure that R.A.B. was Regulus, but after reading Emerson and Melissa's Mugglenet/Leaky Cauldron interview with Rowling, I am positive it's Regulus.

MA: R.A.B.
JKR: Ohhh, good.
[All laugh.]
JKR: No, I'm glad! Yes?
MA: Can we figure out who he is, from what we know so far?
[Note: JKR has adopted slightly evil look here]
JKR: Do you have a theory?
MA: We've come up with Regulus Black.
JKR: Have you now?
MA: Uh-oh.
JKR: Well, I think that would be, um, a fine guess.
MA: And perhaps, being Sirius’s brother, he had another mirror –
JKR: [drums fingers on soda can]
MA: Does he have the other mirror, or Sirius’s mirror —
JKR: I have no comment at all on that mirror. That mirror is not on the table. [Laughter from all; Jo's is maniacal.]
MA: Let the record note that she has drummed her fingers on her Coke can in a very Mr. Burns-like way.
JKR: Oh, I love Mr. Burns.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Dumbledore cannot come back concretely because his return would impede Harry’s hero journey. (No Jedi ghosts, please.)

It may be a more metaphorical return, such as the places, creatures and things Dumbledore touched will come to Harry’s aid.

Re: The phoenix - Dumbledore’s rising from the ashes is in that love rose from his death.

In general, I am looking forward to the moment when the Wizarding communities (I include those who Fleur and Krum could bring) rally together under H’s lead.

Sirius will come back in memory only in that the Black household will play a role in the next story.

Undoubtedly, the climax of the story will end at G’s Hollow. We’ll see scenes at the Burrow, Number 4 Privet Drive, Hogwarts, G Place, Azkaban, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley (F & G the inventors, you see).

I agree that we may lose Hagrid.

I’d like to see a certain scene on the train, too. But that’s simply how I would write it, not something that I see in the set up.

And there is something to do with graveyards and graves, not to mention that I agree that the Inferi will be put to better use in year seven. How dark would it be if Volde bewitched H's parents' bodies to be Inferi? JK hasn't outlined the rules of Inferi, so I'm not sure of the possibilities or if this must be done immediately after death.

As for the story going on after the next book, all good things must come to an end. Hollywood needs to learn this lesson. I hope JK, like most excellent authors, has done already. Examples are well set by authors known for best selling fantasy series, such as Tolkien (Hobbit/LOTR) and Lewis (Chron. Of Narnia). Simply because Potter is over does not mean that JK doesn’t have something else up her sleeve. Whether it is Hogwarts/Wizard related with completely different characters or some new world... Well, we'll have to wait and see.

Rest assured that writers write.

JK is definitely a writer.

She’ll have more for us.

PS: (Per Nickerblog) Harry a Horcrux? Discuss. (The scar!)

From Stef
I don't believe that Harry's scar could be a Horcrux. Voldemort was trying to kill Harry. He used Avada Kedavra, which backfired on him when Harry's mom sacrificed herself for her child. I'm guessing some of the curse hit Harry, but because of Lilly's love, it could only cause that scar and transfer some of Voldemort's powers to Harry as he "died." There is a spell that must be done in order to create a Horcrux, and no spell was aimed at Harry except Avada Kedavra. We don't know everything that happened the night James and Lilly were killed, so someone could say that Voldemort used a spell to turn Harry into a Horcrux before Lilly died, but we know that because of the part of the prophecy that he heard, Voldemort intended to kill Harry. Why would he want to kill Harry if he wanted to make him into a Horcrux? It's possible that he didn't mean to turn Harry into a Horcrux and it happened when he was being destroyed, but I don't buy that because once again, a spell needs to be said.
Also, either Voldemort or Harry have to die in the end. If Harry's scar is a Horcrux, that means that if he defeats Voldemort (and let's face it, by book seven, we're all pretty sure Rowling hasn't written that long of a story to have Harry lose the fight) he will have to also die so that all of Voldemort's soul is gone from the earth. Now he could go the hero way and sacrifice himself, but there is a big possibility that he won't die, so that means no Horcrux scar.

BTW, Rowling has had the last chapter of Harry Potter written for quite awhile, and the last word in the last chapter of the seventh Harry Potter book right now is scar.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
As in, “Harry instinctively felt his now smooth forehead. A happy realization crept over him: Never again would he feel the lightning bolt scar.”

Because it was totally a Horcrux.

You see, D says V planned to split his soul on important murders, such as Harry’s. So I’m sure the Horcrux spell happens while you try to kill someone. He tried to kill Harry with AK, it backfired and so his Horcrux spell was screwed, too. AK rebounded on Volde and the bit of soul got nailed up in the scar.

So H is going to have to fight himself to exorcise Volde as the last Horcrux before he takes on Volde as a mortal.

How you like me now?

Of course, this is less in the setup and more guess work/just a fun theory than my usual theories.

From Stef
When Slughorn explained creating a Horcrux, he said that you have to commit a murder. Murder rips your soul, and then when your soul is ripped, you have to cast a spell in order to create a Horcrux. The only spell he performed was Avada Kedavra, and he was pretty much gone before he had the chance to say the Horcrux spell.
I really don't think that the scar is a Horcrux, but if it was, that would explain more about the whole parts of Voldemort's powers being transfered into Harry. I think that Dumbledore would have figured that one out though.
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From Amanda T
Check out mugglenet.com
They interviewed JK Rowling and she explains stuff.
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From naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Holy Crap, JSto, I totally agree on Regulus.

But the scare--a horcrux!!!! Formed at the time of a murder, you are a fucking genius. The trick will be if Harry has to die to destry it. One cannot live while the other survives.

I keep pointing out to people that, if they need Dumbledore's guidance, they can ask his portrait, y'know?

Also, the order of the phoenix--too prominent a placing of the symbol for there not to be some kind of rising from the ash.

Were the Potters killed with avada kadavra, or was it something else? Somehow I thought their bodies were nowhere to be found, but I oculd totally be inventing that memory. (I've been too busy to embark on my planned reread of them all.)

I'm going to have to bookmark this entry. Or set up a HP discussion email list. :P
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From naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Ok, I'm not all excited or anything. Typos, typos. Also, I mentioned all that seemingly overdone builup on the inferi. Slughorn, too, for all his memory was the key, seems as yet only partially utilized. Scrimgeour, the same.

I keep getting the feeling that HBP was edited down, though, fairly ineptly and only partially. There seems to be a lot missing, rhythm-wise. Maybe these unanswered introductions led to scenes that were taken out?
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From Stef
They were killed with Avada Kedavra. Harry has memory of a green flash, which occurs when Avada Kedavra is used.

I was thinking about Avada Kedavra while reading parts of the HBP. When Cedric was killed, he simply fell over dead. But when Snape used it on Dumbledore, he was blasted into the air and it says that for a second, he was suspended in the air before he slowly fell back to the ground. Could that possibly be the result of an Unbreakable Vow being carried out between Dumbledore and Snape?
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From Nicole
I keep wondering about the "huge blond death eater" that is repeatedly described as such at the closure of the battle at Hogwarts. Lucius Malfoy on steroids is silly (and he would have been recognized), so, although it's a silly notion, for some reason our new minister of magic comes to mind. Additionally, I'm not sure if I see Rufus as a minister who is warm and strong enough to mend a broken wizarding world post-war in book 7 - so he may be cast off.

Just some random musings...
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From klara
The haiku are simply fabulous, Jessica!
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Thank you, thank you. Feel free to post your own Harry haiku.

And, I really wish that people would stop e-mailing me about why Harry can't be a Horcrux. So far no one has come up with a good reason why it isn't possible. We simply don't know enough about the Horcrux spell. (i.e. whether or not it occurs at the same time as the AK spell.) Also, I would prefer that you post here so that everyone can discuss.

(PS: You know I'm right.)

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