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From T-Nizzle
Website: http://www.tlknotts.com
Beware, all ye who speak ill of Lady Stover... 'Lest her band of wicked ninjas lay some wicked punishment down on your ass.

Arm-wrestle him into oblivion, J-Sto.

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From T-Can'tTypeWorthADamn-Nizzle
Website: http://www.tknotts.com
Can't even type my own site correctly.
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From Nathanael
Website: http://www.xanga.com/emperorhand
I've been blogging for over a year and a half, and I quickly learned not to write for anyone but myself. If people read my site, that's great. But if they stop coming, I won't stop writing. My blog is a reflection of me, good and bad, and it doesn't rely on others' approval to keep going. That said, it's always nice to know that people appreciate what you write.
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From Lauren
I'm not a writer... don't have the energy. But I have been reading the J.Sto b/c it cracks me up after my long days dealing w/boring schmucks. Plus, I live in McLean, VA and have to live vicariously through you. Now THAT my friend is pitiful! smile
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From InternetsCop
I am here to alert you that you have a website on the internet. The internet is accessible outside of your own little* world, and therefor is open to criticism you may not like. If you'd like to exchange your website for one that is not accessible by others you can return it and we will send you a notebook and a pen.

Thank you and have a safe day.

*see: fantasy
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From Dusty
Okay, J, you have just pushed me over the line to start my own blog. Another inspiring entry from Teh Awesome.
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From naiah
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
You are such a fucking goddess.

I feel like a letter carrier now:

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail...

Neither traffic spikes nor criticism nor stage fright nor a lack of editing can ever stop the Naiahdot!

(though a kiddo with an ear infection and the resulting severe sleep deprivation has stemmed my usual flow of words...)

Seriously, though, J.Sto, thanks. (for writing this entry, for writing your blog at all, for all your wise words.)

Ok, waxing maudlin. Must. Sleep.
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From Kevin McD
Website: http://www.sonicbeef.com
Inspiration and admiration. Seems like I can't get enough of those two lately.
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From Christopher Schiller
Website: http://wise-old-sage.blog-city.com/
As many here and you yourself have surmised, one sure way of retaining the desire to keep blogging is to ignore what anyone else: wants/thinks/says/criticizes/loves... and stick to what you desire to put up here.

For myself, early on I adopted a technique that I thought was just a random approach at the time (no better than any other) but has proved quite helpful in keeping up with blogging.

I never spend more than thirty minutes thinking about a post and don't set myself up with any pre-planned, pre-written message. I sit down at a tabula rosa and write. (There is a slight exception I make for my poems, one hour limit and I get to write it out ahead of time because of the rhyming thing.)

This has worked for me so far and I am constantly surprised that people keep coming to read it. Just goes to show, there's a lot of people with too much time on their hands.

But at least I keep blogging, which makes me happy. And isn't that the point of all this?

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From The Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
InternetsCop, thanks so much for stopping in by way of Andrew Dabb's site. It was really nice of you to leave such valuable anonymous advice on your first visit here. Now let me give you some. At least 99% of the other posters here have enough fucking balls to reveal themselves, even if the rest of the readers might not like what they have to say. If you're going to try and sk00l some internet chic based on your poor interpration of her prose, at least leave us some contact information so we can have a healthy exchange of words if we so desire. And not to be pedantic, but "Internet" should always be capitalized; shouldn't InternetsCops know that? Can we see your badge? smile (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)

From ambeart
I found you awhile ago through WWDN. I keep coming back because I happen to admire your attitude and smarts. I think we can expect great things from you.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://home.nyc.rr.com/csawyer
I also found J.Sto. via WWDN and had been a lurker for a while before I started to drop an occasional comment and to send an occasional e-mail. I also have a link to you from my web page, but I don't think I call you "pitiful".
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From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://www.geocities.com/exastra/home.htm
Only 2 blogs have ever drawn my affections: that of Wil Wheaton and J.Sto (the former leading me to the latter). I very much enjoy the wit and wisdom expressed on this site. There is no denying the ninja goodness of The Awesome. I guess that makes me awesome by association, which is very cool.
As Wil might say: You RAWK!
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From Shawn
Website: http://bloggintheword.blogspot.com/
Throw another lurker on the "came here from WWdN - haven't stopped reading since" bandwagon. You are definitely a hit in the Ubergeek-Wannabe/Presbyterian Minister demographic.
Thanks for writing for yourself but sharing it with us.

But I do have at least one disagreement with you: Pirates are way better than Ninjas.

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From Amanda
Now I feel like I had better put up my email addy or be hunted by ninjas. There's always one prick in every bunch who has to be snide. And to do it where they think the rest of the fans can't respond. They suck. You however, don't, so write on chica.
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From Kat
Website: http://www.xanga.com/kallikrates
Despite the fact that you prefer ninjas to pirates (when clearly the ultimate would be ninjas that ARE pirates) your site rocks and has yet to elicit a response of pity from me. Keep it up, rockstar.
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From Dave
ha whats funny to me is i heard about this site thru wwdc too, and stopped reading his blog (poker, poker, poker yawn) but i still read this
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From InternetsCop
I said nothing you shouldnt already know. Because I came to this link from a site I visited and I didn't put my email in makes my opinion less valid from the others? Oh that's right. The others are kissing your ass. Of course they are more valid. Get over it, and move on. So what someone thinks your posts are sometimes pitiful? To care so much about what they think IS a tad pitiful. And newsflash, every single person here, including yourself, is at times pitiful.

Oh I included my email address so we can have a great conversation about this. And so you could find another reason why my post means nothing. Next it'll be I don't have my own website so I'm obviously too scared to show who I am on a website. Or maybe because I haven't posted my phone number and address. Or any other reason you can think to discredit my opinion instead of taking a valid criticism. God forbid.
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From Brent
Don't answer that shite troll again because I'LL DO IT.
He completely missed the point of JDawg's post in the first place and who the fuck is he responding to anyway? Tha Sto or Tha Gunn??

Yo troll your shit makes no sense! You gatta come armed if you are going to duel JSDC in a battle of wits.

Regulars: 1
Troll: 0
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From Kelli
As a longtime friend of JSto and on again off again poster, and though this has already been archived I must say HI-Larious to the cop guy and Brent...
Cop guy- get over your shit and come correct if your going to talk shit..
Brent- cop guy is a waste of time and probably only posted to talk shit, and def not worth it.
Everyone’s opinion counts on this site however, even shit talkers...
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