Entry: A Wrinkle in Tide
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From Sponky
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You're such and action hero.

Nicely written.
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From Brent
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From naiah dot
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Still trying to breathe.
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From Kevin McD
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Small my ass. With a heart that big?
Mom Nature says she's proud, by the way.
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From Edwood

I'm not embarrassed to admit I had to be rescued a few years back. Not a rip [swim sideways to get out of it, parallel to shore], but storm driven high surf in Newport. Only a half dozen of us out there. Great waves. But wiped out and got my ass kicked. BADLY. Next thing I know, I'm a few feet from the jetty. [holy shit!!! I'm gonna die! Where's the lifeguard!!??] Cardinal Rule: never climb on the jetty from the surf. But I since I was outta strength, I figured that it'd be better to climb onto the jetty and hold on as the wave hit me versus having the wave pound me onto it. So I climbed with my fading energy and held on for the hit. Whoosh. Then I saw the lifeguard coming for me. I threw myself backward into the surf with the last drops of my energy. The guard got hold of me and took me out around to the other side of the jetty and towards shore.

He apologized for being late. [!?!] He thought I was gonna make it [on my own], at first.

No prob. I was just eternally grateful for him showing up at all.

On shore ten different minor cuts and scrapes had blood dripping toward the sand. I was half humbled, half feeling badass. I had my Big Wednesday moment.

Then a bit later I was taking a leak in the restroom. I looked down and a metric ton of water started draining from my nose. I waited for it to stop, and looked straight ahead.

Then I looked down again to see if it would happend again. It did. A bit less. Repeat as necessary, 'til I was emptied out.

Damn. If I just laid down for a while to rest and dozed off... urban legend says I'd have drowned. On land.

Thank god for lifeguards.

Killer poem, Ninja Sto
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
To continue Edwood’s rip advice…

Yes, scientists point out how easy and logical it is to swim out of a rip tide (actually a current, not a tide) by swimming parallel to shore. Especially if you can get into the longshore current just beyond the break. Mark this bit of knowledge down for infinity as it is true and helpful and better than getting dragged a mile out. Don’t panic. Don’t swim toward shore. Don’t fight the current. Otherwise, you will get tired. Float it out, if you must and can.

But, Edwood is right: Cardinal rules do often change in the moment, such as when you get caught in a rip during an insane set and have to get to someone who is panicking and is behind you. You know, between you and the shore in the direction you are not supposed to swim. Or when you’re about to get slammed into a jetty. (Arguably more frightening.)

More on rips: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rip_tide

Killer comment, Edwood.

From Edwood
Website: http://edwood.net
Thanks. Would've been better if I'd 'membered to describe that the boulders of the jetty were covered in sharp barnacles 'n' such at and below the water line.

Somehow, two of my cuts/scrapes were on my back. [I had climbed onto a rock and held on like a tree frog.] I still have no idea how the cuts got back there.

So when did your heroic rescue take place? Are you now, or were you in the recent past, a lifeguard?

Or do awesome Ninjas wear red one-pieces when they protect the innocent in the ocean?
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
It happened the day I posted this.

And, WTF, Edwood? I do not wear one-piece bathing suits.

Who does that?

From Edwood
Website: http://edwood.net
LMAO... sorry, I would never dare to offend your Awesomeness. Some one pieces are smokin'.

I just [pardon my typical maleness here] inferred that you were wearing some sort of lifeguard/baywatch looking suit when you wrote: "And she believes me because I look official"

I was wondering if you moonlighted as a lifeguard since the guard knew you by name. Lotsa people on a So. Cal. beach for those guards to start catching and remembering names.

Unless, of course he was hitting on you, earlier. Which would be totally understandable, and expected, given your hotness.
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