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From danielcole
Secret keys, bibles, dark ages history, mysterious royal bloodlines -- you'd better get to writing this story quick before Dan Brown beats you to it...
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From Will Campbell
Website: http://www.wildbell.com
You are SO awesome I'll even forgive you referencing Grandma Taylor's descent as SCOTCH-Irish. Whisky is scotch. Tape is scotch. There's even ScotchGuard. But people are Scots.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Will! All of the italics are Mary Etta's exact words. Not mine.

Now stop making me look like a crazy fool in front of life, the universe and everyone or else we'll have to talk Jihad.

From Will Campbell
Website: http://www.wildbell.com
Agh! Gotta play the Scotch-Jihad card do ya?! You win. Totally begging your awesome forgiveness... but WAY to blame the grandma. Back then nobody knew any better.
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From Christopher Schiller
Website: http://wise-old-sage.blog-city.com/
I've been reading your blog with great interest and am embarassed that this is my first comment.

I wish you great luck on your quest and I'm sure the adventure will be well worth the telling. There is a slight correction to your lineage I'd like to offer. Mary Etta Ergenbright would not be your third cousin, but, your first cousin, twice removed. If Mary had had grandchildren they would be your third cousins.

Such a little mistake on a grand adventure it could easily be overlooked. Good luck!

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From Q
I'm almost afraid to learn the historical origins of the awesomeness that is JSto. Look how well it went with the midichlorians.
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From Kassia
I always knew you were royalty J-sto, now you have a chance to actually prove it!!!
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From Nathanael
Website: http://www.xanga.com/emperorhand
I think my family can trace its roots back to a line of very noble farmers...no queens or buried treasure, though.

Best of luck in your quest; who knows what you'll find?
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From Jessica #2
That is freaking awesome.

Loved the MTV comments...but you have to admit, the Episode III skit that Jimmy Fallon did was pretty funny...
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From Matilda Jenkins
I am awesome
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From Lisa A.
Perhaps if you start to investigate another side of your family you may find the ancient ninja sto. I hope you do get to travel! So excited for you!
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From Amanda
I'm picturing an indentation in a cave somewhere where you place your seal and it unlocks the tomb. Questastic, for real. Or perhaps I've watched too many movies. Alas.

Good luck!
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From C.Sto
C.Sto is no one's sidekick.

I can still marry Prince William right? I mean without our children being genetically challenged?
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From Toby
Website: http://www.tknotts.com
On such a quest, a ninja needs to arm herself. (and for the clearance price, she can arm herself cheaply)...

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From naiah
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Sweet! J.Sto, you are *so* the princess!

Disney's got nothin' on you!
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From Digibyte
I was reading the first one, and when I saw the thing about your great grandmother or so, on M.Sto's side, i was like that explains everything. I saw ghosts when I was young, it was pretty scarey cause I didn't just see them i heard them I felt them I smelt them, plus I have regular visions, and other psychic stuff. So, I say yay for discovering it1
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