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From Pete
Website: http://www.peterdewolf.com
When all is said and done, does any part of you wish that Old George had stopped after Return of the Jedi?
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From Andre
Three things:

1) In response to how is it you can fight inches away from molten lava, first we have to go back to my quesion from Episode I. "How could Qui Gon stand the heat when he tried to melt the security door with his light saber?" Um, yeah, J.Sto, your answer to that was "Jedi powers." So in response to your lava-fighting question, just accept it.

2) If I'm correct, in ROTJ, Luke asks Leia if she remembers their mom, and she said that she remembered her being sad. Does this mean there will be an Episode 3.5? Cuz it looked like Padme died in ROTS.

3) Yeah, I know those first two points are from the previous blog, but I didn't feel like reading through all of the comments. Do I think Lucas should have quit after Revenge of the Jedi? Yeah. When you think about it, all of the video games, cartoons, movies, tv movies, an Ewok Christmas (actually, The Star Wars Holiday Special), toys, Legos, $500 Storm Trooper outfits, books, fan fiction, ect., ect., there is so Star Wars "stuff" and extensions off of the original trilogy out there, the Star Wars mystique has faded. Do I despise Lucas for his captialistic nature? Heck no! Bank that cash! But, don't ruin the legacy of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Revenge of the Jedi.
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From Joel
Hey Andre: Just for the sake of pointing it out, the Star Wars XMas Special came out in 1978. That makes it hard for it to take away from the mystique of RoTJ...

J.Sto: Was either screening you saw digitally projected? I ask because Lucas encouraged theatres to get digital projectors by putting about 10 minutes more into the digital version than the traditionally projected version (from what I hear. I've only seen it once so far, projected traditionally, so I don't know exactly how much he added to it or where -- although there's rumor out there of a Degobah scene)
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From Amanda
Website: http://xanga.com/cafecubana
All I can say is. Hayden Christensen was even more hotter in this film. And even when he was angry...I drooled over his gorgeous angry face.

Wow I can't believe Star Wars is over. First LOTR, now Star Wars...next Harry Potter! At least we have Narnia to look forward to.
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From Dusty
Jess, once again you have put into words all it is that I feel. I have just returned from my second viewing as well, and, although I enjoyed the flick, my disappointment in the way in which the story was told runs deep. Oh well. Like Amanda pointed out, Hayden was pretty freakin' hot in this one, especially when angry. So that alone makes me want to see it again (hey - gotta look at the bright side!).
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From Sponky
Website: http://toomanylosers.blogspot.com
"I no longer see it as a tragedy,
But as a challenge."

You just keep on keeping on J.Sto. I'm looking forward to your film.
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From Theo
Well, now that I've actually seen the film, I've gotta say I really enjoyed it. I kept waiting for the really bad moments, but they never really came for me. Yeah, the Frankenstein bit made me cringe, and there was no reason for Chewbacca to be in there at all, but even the romantic scenes between Anakin and Padme that had me wincing in AotC didn't bother me at all here.

Maybe I just went in expecting it to be so horrible that it was impossible to disappoint me. Maybe in a month or a year I'll see it from a different perspective and hate it, but for now I think it was a really good film.
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From Theo
I'll add that while the acting wasn't superb, it wasn't NEARLY as bad as it's been in the last two films, and in places it was even very good. Phenomenal performances have never been the hallmark of any Star Wars production.
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From Ron
Did you just attempt to make "Luke Skywalker" and "Darth Vader" a verb? Jeezus, you're a writer! What the hell are you doing? Just pretend the prequels never happened if you hate them that much, and let's all get on with our goddamned lives.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://home.nyc.rr.com/csawyer
Two hurt in mock light sabre duel - From BBC News

This would be funny if they weren't so seriously injured.

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