Entry: Stranger Than Fiction
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Official Comment From Jessica
PS: One of the random facts is actually true.


From Jen
So if I say something like "I know Jessica Stover.", then that's like saying, "I know 10 ninjas."?

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From Amanda

Those lions should have tottally made you lion king.

So you could sing the lion king songs.

Lion King is one awesome movie!
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From Rick
One time J.Sto was the cover model for leg warmers quarterly but the government said they couldnt publish the picture because it was too awesome.
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From Kevin McD
Website: http://www.sonicbeef.com
YOu're killing me! I had to shut the door to my office to help muffle the laughter!

And is it the one about the liquor in the paper bag?
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From Xyloart
My guess is that the Irish Dialects one is true.

I hired a private detective who checked into your past and gave me an incredibly accurate and mind bogglingly true list of facts which I have submitted. From my work email. So you will have no idea it was me. Except I just told you.
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From kristina
I think all the facts are awesome!
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From Andre
My vote: The Gunn knowing how to pop 'n lock.
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From Stef
I bet the George Lucas one is true. And speaking of George Lucas, are you ever going to tell us about the time you told him you didn't like Episode I?
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Official Comment From Jessica
Someone just e-mailed me this fact and I felt that everyone should read it ASAP:

Andre, a JSDC commenter, is really a 50-year-old man named Charles Dong who has very large man boobs and an evil-guy mustache.

And, Stef, I think that the Skywalker Ranch Adventure will be written eventually. Butwhoknows.

From Brandy
Today is nah b-day!
*yay!* go me! smile
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Official Comment From Jessica
Kevin McD guessed correctly:

The Grizz hides liquor in his office inside a bag labeled "Electrical Parts."

The Grizz hides his liquor in said duffle bag with trickster labeling because I stole his Pepe Lopez Tequila on prom night. Upon getting busted, I had to pay him back for the bottle in cash and respect. Since then the Grizz obviously has not trusted The Sisters Sto around his alcohol. Lucky for us, Grizzes don’t use Internets so he’ll never know that we’ve scoped his sweet stash. (Keep your mouth shut, M.Sto. Or else.)

Kevin McD, since I’m short on my usual prize of respect, I can in its place (not that anything in this world could come close, but I’ll try) offer this amazing photograph signed by The Grizz himself. Please send me your mailing address and we will get that out to you.

From Kevin McD
Website: http://www.sonicbeef.com
Check me out with the correct answer! Some of that awesome must be absorbing into me through the monitor. Ooh, that just made me think of another JSDC fact.
As for the address:
"Your name, sir?"
"Irwin M. Fletcher, Irwin Mahatma Fletcher."
"Your address?"
Or, we could donate the picture to orphaned Sasquatch babies so that they could imagine what dear old dad might have looked like.
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