Entry: To a Writer Dying Young
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From beth
Website: http://meepmeeple.blogspot.com
i'm also reading your blog, livejournal, and damn near anything else to avoid writing a paper i'm thisclose from finishing. (it's a comparison of intelligence tests in regards to the gifted child. i'm sure your screenplay is more interesting.)
if we get back to work, do we get a prize? i want a cookie.
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From Xyloart
Before every wave the water must pull back from the shore.
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From Kevin McD
Website: http://www.sonicbeef.com
All eastern and western philosophy aside (no matter how much I enjoy traispsing those halls), you aren't the type to fear success. If it's the pitch to get it made that worries you, plenty of people are willing to help in that department. *coughcough*

Maybe an exercise might help. Write something private for yourself, something dark, containing the following elements: water, nightmares, raw anger, a piece of charcoal, loss of vision and chocolate cake.

Or I could quit wasting your time and tell you what you may or may not already know: we (collectively speaking, if I may be so bold)believe in you, no matter what.
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From Xyloart
I totally made that up on the spot. If there's some philosopher who already said that, please let me know. They most likely traveled to the future to steal my ideas, and I'll need to immediately enact sweet ninja time traveling justice.

Good luck with your work Jessica. smile
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From Dusty
Wow, Xyloart, that was really good. I did a quick Google search, but didn't see it anywhere - very nice. I'm going to steal it, okay? That's what I do best - steal and pretend like I'm original and unique. Seriously, it's my new sig in the discussion board I frequent... smile
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Official Comment From Jessica
Sounds like a proverb: http://www.corsinet.com/braincandy/proverb.html

Today, I like these bits:

When the sword of rebellion is drawn,
The sheath should be thrown away.
The darkest hour is that before the dawn.
She who comes with a story to you brings two away from you.
The beginning of wisdom is to call
Things by their right names.

4 Proverbs -- 2 English, 1 Irish, 1 Chinese

From Xyloart
It's cool Dusty; it's cool. I understand. Of course it'd be infinitely cooler if my name were at the end of that forum sig. ^_~ Hahaha.

This has always been one of my faves:
A closed mouth catches no flies. -Italian Proverb

I also liked:
He who does not know one thing knows another. -Kenyan Proverb

This one made me spit out my water:
Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend's forehead. -Chinese Proverb
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From kelli
Hey just an FYI... you can get your oh so cool 80's style 3D glasses if you go to Best Buy and buy the Shrek DVD with the bonus Shrek 3D dvd.. I know its a bit costly but hey give the dvd to someone for Mayday and keep the glasses...
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From Andre
Thanks Kelli, but you're about 4 months too late. I gave Jess a pair at her LOTR party back in December...oh, wait, weren't you there?!
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From Brent
Invictus is pretty badass. (for a poem.) You are the coolest girl on the block, J.Sto. wink

Finish already so you can get that sucker made! I need something GREAT to watch and you've got the chops.
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From Kelli
How did my comment from way back when show up on this entry Jess? And yes Andre I know you gave her the 3d glasses and yes I was thereā€¦ that comment was from so long ago, I am baffled by this...
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Official Comment From Jessica
Kelli: It was a glitch. Which happens, I guess.



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