Entry: Riddles in the Dark
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From Andre
Well, riddle #1 was easy!
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Official Comment From Jessica
Sadly, I am still on riddle No. 2.

PS: Don't give me any hints or answers. I have to do it on my own.

From Stef
I am now on riddle 23. I've only been workin on it since Sunday though! The higher up you get, the less amount of riddles you will manage in a day. Number 22 by far has the GREATEST answer EVER!
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From Stef
Oh yeah, if anyone wants any hints (you may need them down the road Jess!) feel free to email me and I'll help ya out!
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From Michelle
i am in uncomfortable necessity to inform you that some parts of ZEST RIDDLE need to be moved to a faster and limitless server..."

WHAT?!?!?! Dammit!

From Stef
I'm going nuts! I was starting to get somewhere with number 25!! AHH!!
At least I have the Academy Awards tonight to keep me occupied! Keepin my fingers crossed for Million Dollar Baby for Best Picture and Martin Scorsese for Best Director!
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