Entry: In the Clutches of Death
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From kelli
Sounds like a good adventure... though somewhat ghost townish or secret oldies only nudist camp, though you never actually mentioned or im sure saw anyone naked, thus it being a secret.. maybe the stovepip inn is really run by aliens thus explaining the strange (young lady) looks you were given.. Just a thought though Im sure nowhere close to the truth.. However it does sound good...
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From Kelli
nice pics by the way..
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From Amanda
Website: http://vegchica.blogspot.com
Did anyone else go with you? Cause obviously someone else must have taken the pictures with you in it.
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From Andre
Did you find Chester Copperpot's wallet?
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From Stef
Ok now I love Aerosmith. They totally kick major ass. I was rockin out to them while all my other friends were hangin tough with the New Kids, but to have remade one of the greatest songs from the greatest band in history (The Beatles for those that do not know this) that appears on possibly the greatest album ever made is just... well it's just so wrong that I can't even think of a word to describe it.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Kelli: I should note that I discovered a GOWER GULCH on the map of Death Valley. Coincidence? Next time I will have to hike out there to see if that Gower Gulch is as strange as the Gower Gulch in Hollywood. And by “strange” I mean “a portal to another dimension.”

Amanda: I went by myself.

Andre: No. There are no Pyrate ships in Death Valley. (So Chester would not have been hunting for treasure.) Come to think of it, I didn’t actually find anything. That’s kind of weird. You would think that I would have at least found a bottle cap. Or a skull. Or something.

Stef: I also have a cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water on that iMix. Pretty scandalous, eh? wink Is the Aerosmith cover of The Beatles as “wrong” as the Britney cover of Satisfaction? (Because, although I like Britney, that was auto-wrong.)

From Stef
Jess, I HATE Bridge Over Troubled Water, so I don't care about that song. And Britney, while I love her to death, remaking Satisfaction was so incredibly wrong, but being a huge Beatles fan, I can't say that it was more wrong than Aerosmith remaking Come Together, because it's The Beatles!!
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From Michelle
Take me with you next time! wink
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