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From Jessica
Loves my kids; Does not get enough sleep; Makes lists for everything; Rather stay in than go out; Is too sensitive to my own feelings but not sensitive enough to others; Worries too much; Is happiest when with my family; Loves the beach; Misses my Grandma; Talks too much but doesn't listen enough; Hates being late; Can't drive in the snow; Is trying to be patient; Looks forward to tomorrow; Grew up way too fast.
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From KK
Website: http://justplainconfused.blogspot.com
lives a life of forced celibacy, makes a smart-ass observation, wishes he could be w/ some of the most beautiful women in the world, wishes for a world devoid of conflict and racism, loves and treasures his parents and friends, loves J. Sto like a family member, drinks Vanilla Pepsi and Vanilla Coke like Jack Daniels, is a "Married With Children" lover 'til death and believes Al Bundy is the human visualization of god, likes The O.C. and Laguna Beach, wishes they brought back The Help on The WB, loves David Spade if he is a sarcastic smartass or not, eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch and drinks orange juice to relieve stress, has more than one bad dream a night, waiting for my parents to get our airplane (u heard me), sucks down Papa John's pepperoni pizza, wishes stereotyphical Valley girls exist, hates the movie Clueless, loves Conan O' Brien, loves girls who hang out at the mall alot, plays tabs of the James Bond theme on his electric guitar, listens to Blind Melon's "No Rain" during a summer sunset, wants to be a Special Effects man when he grows up, overall a smug, quiet, lonely, sarcastic, boyish little black kid
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From kelli
constantly worries about money, never feels like i have accomplished anything, have worked my ass off to get no where, loves bob marley and the surfer lifestyle, yet never have surfed a day in my life, loves the beach, will get in the car and drive not knowing where i am going, will go out of my way for friends and loved ones even if it means sacrificing something for myself, is usually on time and gets pissed at myself if im late, is always the responsible one, never drinks and drives not even one sip, wants to be married and rich with two kids in 2 or 3 years but knows that’s not happening, wants to finish college but cant because of financial reasons, doesn’t like politics, I would rather have no government than a government that does shit for me, would like to own my own home and have no credit card debt, loves watching HGTV and TLC, loves true crime novels, is intrigued by serial killers and what the hell goes through their heads, loves kids, im a big pessimist looking at things in a negative light only makes positive things that much more great when they do happen, wishes all her dreams would come true, wishes WHFS would come back on the radio, wishes stupid people were non-existent, wishes I could be happy and not have be bogged down with enough stress to cause a heart attack, wishes she hung out with her friends more instead of doing nothing, sees her mom as her best friend and would die if anything ever happened to my dad or sisters, wants everyone to be happy yet often make people miserable, is a bitch 98.9% of the time, looks down on people and then feels bad about it, usually sucks at life…
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From Kaleb
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
Tries to solve too many problems at once; Wishes there were more people in the world who liked to think; Obsesses over the Chronicles of Narnia to the point of driving all his friends nuts; Loves a cool morning with dense fog almost more than life itself; Listens to a lot of obscure musicians that no one's ever heard of; Still thinks digital watches are a pretty neat idea; Would, and did, picket a radio station to win a prize; Understands how and why C.S. Lewis and Ayn Rand were both right; Is fascinated by volcanoes and other geological phenomena; Thinks a good home theater is way cooler than the cinema; Once camped in a radioactive valley; Posts in email acquaintances' blogs more often than in his own.
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From Amanda
Website: http://vegchica.blogspot.com
Thinks Steve Irwin is her hero; Plays DISNEY trivial pursuit; Still watches cartoons; Likes driving fast; Wants to learn new languages; Loves animals; Dreams of being published; Will be a veggie for the rest of her life; Knows everyword to the Captain Planet theme song; Thought Bill Nye the science guy was cool; Still dances to Spice Girls; Is always indecisive; Won't cry in public; Writes best when in pain; Hates studying; Secretly enjoys being alone in her room; Hates talking on the phone; Thinks more than speaks; Is proud of her heritage.
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Official Comment From Jessica
This is the best group of comments ever posted on JSDC. smile

From Jen
I am the kind of person who...

Loves the Lord and wants to live for Him, always works but never gets paid, is satisfied with just about everything in life right now, is nervous about her class rank for next year, wants to travel more in the future, always gets her butt kicked at Golden Eye and Mario Kart by one of her best friends, can keep a secret, prays for other people, likes to smile, enjoys all things Jamba, drives aimlessly when she's stressed, dances in her living room foolishly for no reason at all, does not enjoy talking on the phone for extended periods of time, loves "That 70s Show" and "Boy Meets World", enjoys surprising people even though lately she is usually on the recieving end of surprises, loves to laugh, is teased endlessly by her friends, loves to sing, plans to go to a 4-year school, loves to doodle in the margins of notes, enjoys magic markers, loves to IM, can talk to two special people about anything, has hazel eyes, is conservative, feels best in jeans and a t-shirt, tries not to care what others think about her, gives all her thanks and praise to Jesus, plays the piano, is in a band, takes naps often, tries to be optimistic, loves children, looks forward to weekends, procrastinates, likes her smile, enjoys watching Muppet and Disney movies, likes to be silly, says "woo!", "smurfin'", "oy vey", and "upps", has never had a boyfriend (and doesn't mind), loves the relationships she's in right now, enjoys watching cartoons, playing video games, and eating junk food, prays continually, forgets her pencil in choir, never cleans her room, loves to visit friends no matter how far away they are...and just is tryin' to enjoy the heck outta life! smile
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