Entry: And So This is Christmas
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From Lance
Snap! I wish my friends threw shin digs like yours. Then I might actually go out more often. The third item on your oath had to have had everyone tipping their glasses constantly!
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From Michelle
Sounds like the Stos throw the best parties of all! But yeah....people are too flaky. I gave up a long time ago.
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From KK
Website: http://justplainconfused.blogspot.com
wat up, Jess!! Merry belated Christmas!!

and check out my new blog at

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Official Comment From Jessica
I’ve gotten a few notes asking what C.Sto and I got for Christmas. Here you go:

We both got iPods and matching gear. We also got DVDs, gift certificates and other odds and ends. Most notably C.Sto got puppy toys from M.Sto and The Grizz, which means that SHE IS GETTING A PUPPY!


We are having some trouble finding a good breeder, though. If you happen to know any Tibetan Spaniel breeders on the east coast/near VA then please let us know.

Official Comment From Jessica
PS: This is what happened to Rachel's car when she broke her oath: Justice Served

From Lori
Hahaha that is one scary Legolas in the poster!! :-P
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