Entry: Ode to the Silent
Official= Official Comment

From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
I'm a lurker.

Wait, I just posted.

Damn you, Stover! Damn you to...some daming place!
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From Mr. Christmas Lights
Website: http://www.komar.org/xmas/
Got a chuckle out of your title - yep, it certainly IS "lights-on, lights-off" in SPADES the last two nights - glad you liked it Jessica,

alek (aka Mr. Grizwold)
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From Kyle
Hmm I kow some people who would pay to see a haunted web site.
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From The Shade
I am Lurkutus of Shade. Prepare for assimilation.

Resistance is futile.
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From dorkiepervason
Anybody believe in ghosts and the afterlife...stuff like spiritual energy?
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From KDoll
Do you mean like Patrick Swayze in Ghost?
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Official Comment From Jessica
Robert: Ha! Sucker.

Alek: V. glad you dropped in. smile

Kyle: Please direct your friends to my site and tell them to bring 15 bucks.

The Shade: Resistance is not futile per the TNG episode with "Hugh".

And, finally, of course there are ghosts. I mean, hello: My website is totally haunted. (And I'll prove it to you. For 15 bucks.)

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