Entry: Inbox: Chewy
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From ron
hmmmmmm...that sounds kinda dirty...not really.
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From Amanda
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From Michelle
That is the most retarded and hilarious thing I have ever heard. That can't really be you Jessica!!!? Is it possible to record your own ringtones on some cells? That would scare me if it was my rington lol.
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From C.Sto
LOL, that is so freaking funny. I still can't figure out why you think Chewy makes a gurgling noise though.
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From Kyle
he doesn't make gurgling noises Ahhhhhhh!! my mind has been tainted by bad chewie renditions Ahhhhhhhh!! (i'm a bigger star Wars geek then J. Sto bty)
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From Kelli
Seriously.... HILLARIOUS
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From KK
(in Special Ed's voice) That wuz funni, YAAAAAAY!
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From Jen
Wow...nice impression.

I have a friend that we call Chewy...he can do the impression really well.
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From Jessica # 2
You're right, it is pretty bad. My Chewy impression kicks yours in the tail-feather.
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From Heather
I just played it, and Princess (my Dog) started whining horribly, and she sounded more like Chewy than you. That's how bad your Chewy was.
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