Entry: Smarter, Smartest
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From Michelle
Hee hee maybe I should start treating everyone not just boys like I'm smarter because It's awesome.

That teaser is really cool! Hayden C. looks really different in a good way...
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From M.Sto
Who are these bratty kids and why are they calling me mom?
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From Tim
Hahahaha "C3psto"! And C.Sto says yeah more then Lil John!
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From garrett-bo-barrettt
Catie told me to post something, so this is me posting something.


The light and heat of a thousand suns pale in comparison to your radiant beauty and warm heart.
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From C.Sto
I say "yeah" a lot because Lil John is my idol. If the whole President of the United States thing doesn't work out for me I plan on becoming a rap star.

PS - Who else thinks that Garrett-bo-barrett is hitting on me?
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From Jessica #2
C.Sto- He's definitely hitting on you. And Kelly Ripa says "Yeah" more than you and Lil John both.
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From Kyle
Ha! you have to poster but I know what Darth Vader looks like in Episode 3
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From |<y|_3
1'|\/| |_337 3|_173.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Oh man, does anyone know how to translate Kyle's 'Net nerd speak?

From Kyle
yes does any one know l33t
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