Entry: The Grass is Always Greener in the Future
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From Sara
Can C.Sto add surfing to the High School curriculm when she's President?
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Official Comment From Jessica
PS: In addition, when C.Sto is President:

All members of the Cabinet will wear X-Men uniforms. (ROCK!)

From Amanda
Website: http://www.vegchica.blogspot.com
I agree. I like and don't like Bush but Kerry just bugs me. So I don't know if I'll vote at all.

When C.Sto is president she must tell Animal Planet to give me a 1hr show. And to be an even cooler president she could surprise everyone by cancelling one of the president speech things and instead replace it with the 1hr Animal Planet pilot show that I will have. Then that way millions will watch it and then tune in to my show on Animal Planet. smile

Wow your sister is def gonna be the best president.
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From Andre
Can I make fun of you for your spelling mistake? "...drink more mimosas as the Four Seasons."

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From Andre
BTW...how can you fight the future? Seeing as how the future isn't written, and it is impossible to wage a war against something that does not exist, I think you should remove that quote.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Dre, you peon, that particular quote of the week: "You cannot fight against the future. Time is on our side." was said by W. E. Gladstone during a speech on the Reform Bill at the House of Commons in 1866.

Perhaps now you can look beyond the physical, (of course you can't literally get into a fight with the future,) and derive some meaning from it? I'm not here to do your hmwk for you.

Remember: There is no spoon.

And, the spelling error was a subtle joke. I'm glad someone found it... but you didn't quite get it. Everything I do is intentional.

Because I am the Gamemaster.

From Stef
When C.Sto is president, can she command Landon Donovan to marry me? That would just about be the coolest.
I'm really likin all these plans. C.Sto will be the coolest president EVER. She def has my vote!
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From John
C.Sto's campaign platform is excellent.
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From Jen
Jess, I will SO be one of your secret service Ninjas. Or a Pirate. But we can't have both, because it's a known fact that Ninjas hate Pirates! Sign me up! smile
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From Alyssa
Website: http://www.alyssa-marie.net
And of course, C.Sto will command Peter Jackson to direct a James Bond movie when Orlando Bloom is Bond and make me the customary Bond girl. And then, I will marry Landon Donovan. After I publish my book. And Jessica Sto is the White Witch in TL, TW, & TW. Ha. I am cool.
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if you all will be four star generals then I wil be a five star general!!
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