Alex From Russia 

Russia + TSL =

Check out this amazing translation via the Internets:

"Somehow has solved ??????? new wall-papers in the evening. Has climbed in the Internet, it was passed on sites from the collection ??????? references. One of ???? on Greg Martin's site (the artist, the photographer, the author extremely qualitative ???????) has refused to open. For opening wall-papers have suggested to come on a site someone new ???????????? the project. ???? was a part ???????-???? the project. To receive a login and the password to gallery exclusive ???? on it, it was necessary to vote for the project on Me, the fan of a fantasy and mystery, all this conspiracy has interested. ?????????? the information on the project, has found out that the project " the Silver Heritage " is a future Hollywood screen version of the script of any new alternative epic fantasy which at present writes ???????? ??????. From correspondence with ???????? it was found out, that " the Silver Heritage " is extremely original on what unlike a modernist style-??????? with elements of a mystery and surrealism. ???????, fan Tolkiena, actively criticizes last Hollywood projects. At present, on eventful as I have understood, there is a gathering voices for a screen version. The extremely serious atmosphere around The Silver Legacy testifies that the project can be something costing. Therefore, this page is devoted to the project, news and any interesting information on it."

So there you go: The story of TSL development is starting to be translated. This excites.

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