I am in hiding.


Do you see that, as I make my way back west, I am in now in Virginia? I had some DC-area meetings and, thus, am here. I had to come out of hiding to meet people and dance a little, but only for a couple of hours each time. It wasn”™t so bad.

Lately I have been trying to remember that I am alive and what it feels like to be alive and that I am in such good shape, or was two weeks ago, that I should be running miles every day through this world. Instead, I am running pages every day through someone else”™s world. I am nearly done with what”™s been published of A Song of Ice and Fire. A reader had recommended the series to me a while back and then the costumer designer for Artemis (Anastasia Smith) pressed me to read them as well. So here I am, thinking of Winterfell while curled up in my old room for four hours at a time (at least) like I am eight years old devouring entire worlds and eternity day after day; time like I used to spend every hot, humid August; how I spent my time when I wasn”™t on a ballfield earning respect and adventure via base hits and steals.

I”™ve received a handful of more-than-worthy questions about the filmmaking process (the way our journey is developing around Artemis Eternal) via e-mail. I”™m chewing on how best to address what it seems some are curious to know. If there”™s interest, I think I might like to talk a little instead of write. If so, would you watch?

I will think on that as I travel back to Los Angeles, as I think about everything else. Although, I will probably talk even if there isn”™t interest, as I do.

Speaking of traveling to Los Angeles, reader Sean Stubblefield was recently in the city. After his visit, he sent me an e-mail:

Hung out at Gower Gulch for a while. Maybe it was my imagination, but I did get a sense of the magical you mentioned. All 3 very nice servers in Starbucks not only knew who you were, but remember what you usually order. So I had the Jessica special: Grande Vanilla Iced Latte. Tastes like French Vanilla-- which, besides Irish Cream, happens to be the only kind of coffee I like (that I know of). My first SB coffee, and it was delicious. Andy assured me he always makes it perfect. He asked if I was your boyfriend. Hmm”¦ intriguing notion. I think he thought/hoped I was bringing the coffee to you, because he wrote on the cup: “Made perfectly & with love by Andy”. Then “Jess”. And he says he has everything he needs to make your next coffee just as perfect. Do with that what you will.

Ah yes, I am alive. I am a person with a name. I almost remember it. There are places three thousand miles away where people know it. They will write it on a cup, and it will mean Me. And they expect me to come back, I suppose. If only for the coffee.

For more tales from the portal to another dimension that is the Gower Gulch, search the Dead Sto Scrolls.

And as for adventures, why don”™t you pick up an Aidmheil? I can inscribe it for you if you do so today. Haha--Perhaps scrawling my name on inner covers a few times will bring it all flooding back”¦ I”™m alive!

We shall see.

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