Stormbourn (V) 

Where your story unfolds
Amidst stone castles bold
Amidst skies of pink gold
Amidst fields of green gold
Where the arc moves your feet
Where the moon and sun meet
Beyond night and day
Linking realms at the gate

Where the boulders wild grow
All the monuments glow
And the statues all know
And the freest winds blow

A song smolders nigh
A whisper aside
A glint of white light
The eye from inside
And the moon is up high

The realm you can”™t hide
Your hands snap the ties
The wind as it flies
The light clutched inside

The compass wand cries
And the demons all die

And the winds freest blow
Licking halls of grey stone
Licking fields lying low
Licking seas of green gold

Where the archway connects
Linking realms at the neck
Casting dark silver specks
Licking wind at your neck

The sun and moon rise””
And the stories connect

The light hits the bone
The light cuts through stone
This kingdom is home
The winds go full blown

The shadows breathe black
Your dreams are on track
The sun and moon rise””
The stories connect,
And you”™re back.

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