The Seven Potters 


1. Haiku predictions: Who”ôs your daddy?
2. Much, very, very, much to my surprise: I found Year Seven at Hogwarts to be one of the least impressive books of the series. Perhaps that will change after additional reads. For now, however, I feel it was anti-climactic, more convenient than usual and, at times, wrongly executed, such as in the way WB makes the movies. Did I guess too much ahead of time? Am I too familiar with her formula? How many times have we read as Harry asked himself a few questions like this?

I do like that the writing grows darker, and more challenging to young readers, as the books evolve: The execution matures with the characters. I could find much to compliment in terms of the plot.

Yet, I also feel that something must be crazy wrong with me in that I did not get the usual level of enjoyment from this book. The final line (and in a lesser form the final chapter) even made me cringe a little.

Usually I am left wanting so much more, feeling so lost when it is over and I'm forced back to realityӦ

I wonder, even more so than I did with the last installment, if having more writing time would have proved beneficial to the story. The answer is yes, and in a necessary way.

That's been paramount on my mind these last few days: What it means to only have one shot, and when it's smartest to settle for a good plan today over a great plan tomorrow; as opposed to when it simply won't do.

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