Business, 1896 

“I take this opportunity of announcing that the Nursery ”˜Alice,”™ hitherto priced at four shillings, net, is now to be had on the same terms as the ordinary shilling picture-books””although I feel sure that is, in every quality (except the text itself, in which I am no qualified to pronounce), greatly superior to them. Four shillings was a perfectly reasonable price to charge, considering the very heavy initial outlay I had incurred: still, as the Public have practically said, ”˜We will not give more than a shilling for a picture-book, however artistically got-up,”™ I am content to reckon my outlay on the book as so much dead loss, and, rather than let the little ones, for whom it was written, go without it, I am selling it at a price which is, to me, much the same thing as giving it away.”

Lewis Carroll””most-quoted-novelist, well-loved-writer, successful-in-his-lifetime Lewis Carroll””could not sell his quality art, and had to reduce the price greatly in order to increase the chances of doing so.

That makes me wonder.

*Excerpt is from the preface of the 1896 edition of Alice by Lewis Carroll.

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