Cardinal & Carnal (Directions) 

It”™s 2 AM.

The sky runs red...

There”™s something about outdoor sports.

The kind that are on a field.

Things feel cleaner there. The dirt feels cleaner. Is that insane? I feel cleaner when I am baked in dirt and moonlight on a softball field. It”™s all dust mixed with peroxide and blood”¦

That feels clean to me.

I”™m pretty sure the dirt washes out the wounds.

The H2O2 is just a test to see if you can handle The Sting.

To see if you”™ll come back for more.

Wear a kneepad next time and slide twice as hard.

To see how good you get at calculating your risks.

Whenever you take on a project, and I mean you are living and stepping to adrenaline and looking at as many dimensions as you can see right in the eye and gripping them tight with two hands and bloody knuckles because you have nothing to lose and therefore everything to lose; the cold streets staring you in the face”¦

Every time there is a point where you think you can”™t do the job. The experience level doesn”™t matter: Are you the master or the rookie? Who cares, son; in this moment everyone levels because they face the same thing and think: “I can”™t do it.”

“I just can”™t.”

It has been said before that what separates calibers of people is that, at point “can”™t,” some do and some don”™t.

Nike has made whole millions off that idea. (The shoe company, not the goddess.)

I will tell you, each time you do it? That instance doesn”™t help you the next time.

You are here again and you say-think, “I cannot do it.”

“Everything I do is shit.”

“I don”™t deserve it.”

“People will think I suck.”

“It”™s too hard.”

“I feel like I”™m dying. The wrong way.”

Then you do it anyway.

Victory flies with golden wings despite The Sting.

Sacrificing your pride on the altars of fear will always get you through; balanced.

Just don”™t stay there too long.

Red, Shades of:
Sharp Scarlet

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