Links to thoughts on films I screened a while back (viewing films early can be a bore: You have no one to discuss them with):

Pan”™s Labyrinth
Curse of the Golden Flower

Of the many films I saw this year, the ones that are good:
The Fountain
The Queen
Little Children

I didn”™t see, but am curious about:
The Departed
Notes on a Scandal

Children of Men is my “close enough,” I suppose. People will like it despite its not being great. And compared to all the big-budget, sub-par crap that has been released, it”™s at least interesting premise-wise and production-wise. The parts they did include in the story are good. The characters are lacking somewhat, however, and when I thought we were at the second act climax it turns out we were at the end leaving me to think, “Where is the rest of the movie?”

I joined Netflix solely to finish catching up on Battlestar Galactica. Season one is terrific. I”™ve just started season two.

Last week I (finally) saw Requiem for a Dream. It was a little before my time and I doubt that the ridiculous Regal Cinemas in Northern VA showed the film, anyway. So, yes, I finally found my way to the story. When my roommate handed over the DVD for me to borrow, I asked, “Is it depressing?”

“It affects people in different ways,” he answered.

I felt that way about The Fountain, so I knew exactly what he meant. Requiem is, of course, very different than Aronofsky”™s latest in terms of subject matter. Regardless, I loved the film. It is one of the best movies I”™ve seen in a long time, and overall.

Interesting: An article about the MPAA issues that Requiem faced.

I want to see the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

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