I have always seen Greyfeather as a traveling story, meaning that I tell one of the adventures aloud, and then commit it to paper when called upon. I have always planned to unfold the story in this way, in sections: Perhaps as part of a collection, such as in the case of Aidmheil, or perhaps as a stand alone, such as in the case of now.

Would you like to own the next part of Greyfeather?

If so, please stake your claim in the comments.

I won”t print unless I have enough preorders and I don”t plan on printing much more than that, actually. So the run will be limited and numbered. I guesstimate the length of this release-let will be 20 pages and will cost $10.00, plus shipping and tax (where applicable). All of these booklets will be signed. If you own Aidmheil, then you know what to expect format wise. Storywise? I doubt it, but even the Greyfeather himself does not See his way.

“Or so the storytellers and bards tell me,” she said with a happy wink.

So let me know: If this is something you want, then we will move forward with production immediately and get a preorder “Buy” button up so that you can secure your order.

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