Inbox: Roughshod 


First of all, you were in a dream I had last night. I have no idea why. All I can remember from it is that you went out "into the hills" on some adventure, and came back in appropriate-roughshod shape (but in an "I kicked ass" way) to some people in your grandmother's kitchen. Except it was my grandmother's kitchen.

1) This kinda freaked me out, as we've never met. (No, I'm not obsessed, either)
2) Don't try to steal my grandmother.
3) I hope that getting in someone's head like that isn't a new JSDC feature.

Moving on.

I realized that probably neglected to write you about Aidmheil. I enjoyed it a lot, and I am surely looking forward to more. (Greyfeather rocks!) Yes, some of it I read before, but it seems better printed and bound. As much as I read the Internet, to me, books carry more weight (emotionally and mentally, in addition to obvious physicality). Your inscription makes me laugh every time I read it.

I've attached a picture showing my copy. I haven't been able to organize the shelves for about 5-6 months, so, honestly, its placement wasn't a definite decision. I'd say that, unconsciously, it was placed in good company: books containing adventure, "makes you think" and some laughs. I think it will stay where it's been when the shelf revisions come.


. . .

Dear S of The Shade,

I did indeed spend my time in the hills last night. It was dangerous, and nothing I”m ready to talk about. You should see the gash I have on my left bicep: It”s almost as big as my bicep, but not quite. (I mean, really, what is?) I returned from my journey at approximately 6:32 AM, and, as for your grandmother, she is rather good at baking. She made me breakfast when I returned roughshod and tired. I should note that she said she likes me better than you. (I assume that is what you mean by “stealing” her.)

FYI: “Getting into someone”s head” has always been a JSDC feature. I call it Lucid-ica Dreaming-ica. This feature will not go away when the next upgrade launches. Instead, its strength will be increased 1,000 fold so that I can reach people in China. Don't try to stop me or you'll find yourself disabled via my sweet ability to capture your imagination and then tell your grandma on you while she bakes me cookies for breakfast.

Glad you liked the book, especially Greyfeather. Per your photographic evidence, Aidmheil does indeed seem to be in good company while in your possession. This means that I won”t have to activate the automatic-return-home device embedded in the cover. There are only so many Aidmheils in the world, after all, and we don”t want them falling into the wrong hands. (I think you know why.)

*Sir Jessica M. Stover, Esq.

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