JSDC Storybook 

I write the first and last line. Someone else writes the second line and posts their line and the first line under comments. The next person reads the first line and the second line under comments and then adds their one line. The narrative always leads toward the end” Never falters” Finally, we have a story. Kevin Costner options the rights and makes it into a four-hour film. We each get ten dollars for our trouble. (We don”t use it to see the film because we all know how The Postman turned out.)

Helpful Hints:
Don”t negate what someone else writes.
Stay on subject.
Keep it simple.
Keep it reasonably clean.
Spell check.
Make sense.
Write in the past tense.
Stay in order. (Don”t rush/skip story steps.)
Stay active. (Avoid dialogue/keep on the action.)
One line per person. (Except me. I have the power to write unlimited lines.)
Update: If it has been about four lines or so since your last line, then please do write another.


Frances never had questioned why his father had stacked boxes in front of the fireplace in the basement, or, even more peculiarly, why he insisted that no one touch them.

(This is where your stuff will go.)

As Frances wiped the blood from his elbow (he had ruined his best shirt) and surveyed the now trashed basement (also frowned upon), he realized that any amount of scolding would be worth the trouble. Kicking his legs up on the nearest box, he eased onto his back, smiled, and whistled a low, familiar tune. His father would be home any minute, and they finally had something to talk about.

The End

Read the final draft.

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