Behind Every Aidmheil 


You are kind to me. It is rare that someone comes to this place and is unkind, whether they agree or disagree with the words they find. Perhaps you think I am better than I am.

Whatever you have decided about me based on the information found on this site, you are probably right.

And, most often, due to my annoyance at constantly being patted as young and therefore unskilled before someone has read or seen a bit of my work, and due to my writing of said local frustrations, many far wiser than I, understandably, have come under the impression that “solid” means “not in need of assistance.”

But movies are a communal process, as is a person”s life. I say “life” and not “career” because I do not think that the artist is able to separate those things.

They are one.

Certainly, many people have helped me get this far, and I am not that far along yet. There is a vast expanse of world to be navigated.

If you want to help someone, no matter what the circumstances, don”t let anyone tell you that you have nothing to offer. Often those who are most in need of assistance are the most stubborn. Or proud.

I won”t speak to that in this case, but will continue to say that if you want to fuel my dream, however much or however little, then please do mail me with the understanding that your letter will be gladly received. You would be surprised at the number and sort of small tasks that I need to complete along the acting-writing-storytelling way, and some of them soon.

Some of them I don”t yet know how to pull-off...

What you should know is that my name is Jessica Mae Stover. I come from the east. I am a storyteller. I act, screenwrite, produce and novelize. I work on my own properties and ideas, by blending all of those things in good measure, and perhaps more (as witnessed here). As I write this, I know of no one who has done this in the way I plan, in the scope I plan, so I have no absolute model to work from. I consider this a good thing. Most people who make decisions that will affect the end result will not.

It is big.

Yes, certainly, you must understand that I have had help from those who believe.

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