Today I looked in my filing cabinets just because I can. I came upon a folder titled "Ranch" and, upon looking at the map and listings of the guest rooms, discovered that the room I spent the most time in while there is called the Dorothy Parker room.

Each room in the guest house is themed American: Ansel Adams, SteinbeckӦ

Dorothy Parker. She”ôs a favorite. At that point, however, I had not yet stumbled upon her excellence.

I also found my packet on the history of the ranch, which is full of useful information. For instance, did you know that the Ranch Fitness Center offers to employees and guests an outdoor solar heated swimming pool? That is worth knowing, I think.

Anyway, this week I went to the Paramount lot with Nicky KlingonSpeaker4Life to visit the Star Trek library and I met Helena and I took only one photo.

So many nerds are jealous of me right now.

Make me your queen and I will lead you to sci-fi victory.

(Or at least teach you some sweet MK fatalities.)

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