The play is going well.

JSDC readers have been in attendance. Someone sent me flowers. Someone told me that I am taller in person. (I mean, really?) A cast member told me that he thought I was quite good and that he couldn”t believe more people weren”t calling me to work right now. A writer friend came and told another writer friend who couldn”t come that she was impressed with my performance, and he said, much to my surprise, that he wasn”t surprised. A supporting actor from a major sitcom introduced himself and continued to say that he enjoyed my acting.

I”m not used to hearing that.

Perhaps he told everyone that.

Perhaps it's not true.

I wouldn”t mind, though.

Everyone has different tastes, and I, personally, believe in the entire cast. There are rad little things happening over in Noho”s art district. I am glad to be here.

Tonight marks closing night. We are sold out, but someone ridiculous in LA always flakes, so make a reservation with the Historic Lankershim Arts Center, come out and stay for the reception afterward.


You can kick it fun style and we can have a chat to follow.

What am I going to do when I”m not in a show?

It is rare that an actor actually gets to act, much less is happy with the production...

On to the next thing.

Let it come quick.

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