The Traveler 

Peanut Butter Stover is old, but I don't see it.

The scientist says that Peanut”s kidneys are failing.

The scientist says that in present times cats often outlive their kidneys.

The scientist says that it could be hereditary. Peanut”s mom, Alf, died of kidney failure, too.

The scientist says that it is a fairly late stage.

We grew up together, you know. Me and Peanut?

She was a kitten and I was a kid and she darted into my room every morning and woke me up” I used to monologue to her in the sixth grade. We played Ninja Cat. I met her the day after she was born.

I thought we were growing up together.

Oh, I don”t mind her going on ahead. She is old.

But I”m not in Virginia.

So she is already far away.

Still, Peanut, I don”t mind if you go on ahead a ways.

Just wait for me a little, k?

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