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Note: If you have not read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, then please avoid this entry as there are mild spoilers involved.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, much like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is not our book. Or, shall I say, not the book.

HBP is not as smooth as Rowling”s past work, and there is one chapter that has way too many exclamation points for anyone”s liking. The rising action and pacing to the climax is less focused and clear than usual as are the immediate villains (no obvious Umbridge or Malfoy to tick us off as the larger mystery unfolds). The story is loaded with flashbacks, which you may love or loathe depending on your taste. Despite these bits of rush and clumsy that don”t represent the full scope of Rowling”s skill (perhaps if she had more time to revise) and the overuse of the word “surreptitious,” (which I only noticed because I overused said word myself in my screenplay and had to cut back,)”

The seventh book is going to kill. Rowling has set it all up quite nicely.

Year six really doesn”t have the momentum of the other books and you will recognize all of Rowling”s standard tricks regarding clues and false guesses by the characters and such (done to a less smooth effect,) but she still manages to surprise. Most notably, she takes a (very necessary) big chance that I wasn”t sure would happen as early as the climax of HBP.

Very good read in terms of the hero”s journey and the things we love about that trip. Our friends have grown up. The main theme is a fundamental one and kept simple, which makes it powerful. Relationships are paying off. The acceptance of the larger call, the quest has happened: Harry has taken on a solid mission and his friends are with him. The stage has been set for moments that I can”t wait to read. Some of these will be as anticipated as the conclusion to the Harry and Ginny string, some will involve the inventing genius of F & G Weasley, others will be even subtler, but the sum will be strong, I”m sure.

The seventh book is going to kill.

The seventh book is our book.

And Harry is Dumbledore”s man through and through.

As usual, when you leave Hogwarts, your heart wants to do a dozen emotions at once, but, mostly, you feel empty. It never is long enough, is it?

Pardon me while I read HBP again.

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Regulus Black”

With Harry inheriting the Black house, and its artifacts (locket!) and history and so forth”

And with Mundungus Fletcher stealing objects from the Black estate and now in Azkaban”

Revisit HBP and Phoenix.

Regulus is set up nearly as well as the Inferi, if not better.

*Killed by Voldemort himself.

You will see.

But could R.A.B. still be alive? I hope not.

*Or at least on Voldemort”s orders?

Harry Potter Haiku

You Know I”m Right
Harry”s parents die”
Voldemort splits soul again,
That scar”s a Horcrux.

La Familia de Negra
R.A.B., you scamp,
We all thought that you ate death!
Way to turn on Volde.

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