I Can See a Clearer Picture 

There comes a threshold when an individual has studied enough craft and has to start making their own artistic decisions. If they can”t do that by said point, then something isn”t working in the first place. This is the point I have reached on my screenplay.

This does not mean that one is beyond feedback or the need for assistance. Film is not an individualistic medium by far. I have had help on the writing via the rad professional screenwriting workshop in which I take part and feedback from other professionals. On the next step I will need help. I will have to find someone to ask. And I will have to learn how to ask.

But, in the meantime, after getting run over quite a few times by bad industry advice, I have learned how to choose which feedback to take. Especially as a storyteller.

I trust myself.

So as far as the final revisions go, to those who do not (trust me as a storyteller, that is) and advise that I water something down or dumb something down or gloss something over because it”s too sad or violent or real, or because it will sell out better that way a la Pirates of the Caribbean or some other movie for 8 year olds that is only watchable because Johnny Depp is allowed to re-write his lines, well, screw off.

This movie is not for you.

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