Lie Down by the Side 

After noon I realized that it is actually June. Accordingly, I re-visited the trail I blazed last year.

“This is a funny month,”¯ I thought as I walked its sunny path”¦

I stopped.

Because, on the side of the road, I saw something that I had not remembered:

Fog. And a creek.

“Here?”¯ I thought, “Surely there was no creek here before”¦ .”¯ Then, a sign”¦”¯Stopping.”¯ it said.

And I had stopped and so I read.

And the mists they cleared and I remembered a side path was there to walk and I walked it back down the past beyond that sign and I stopped here, too, and read all of the words left behind.

And I heard a bit of music.
And I thought it was all very sad.
And I wondered why the drinking was left out of the account.
Although, I”™m sure it made someone glad.
And maybe that”™s why people forget
That they”™ve visited this bridge, this grave.

For that fog, it soon rolls in--
Then no map can lead you here.
The kingdom by the creek, it fades”¦

And you, you”™re alive.

You”™ve stayed.

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