Glimpse This 

There is some peeping Tom guy harassing the neighborhood surrounding Stover Mancha, so all the desperate housewives had a neighborhood watch meeting to find out how to thwart him. Although, the main Mom who got peeped didn”t attend the meeting because she is smart enough to know to install floodlights and make sure she locks her doors without two cops spending two hours telling her these and more easy ways to take a bite out of crime. I am contributing to the neighborhood watch by offering my sweet Ninja Sheriff skills. In order to catch this Tom before he causes some real Law & Order type trouble, I will wear a black cape and survey the neighborhood after nightfall from a secret location in the trees.

Anyway, the Tom might look like this. Or that might be my friend Erich. Same difference.

Not speaking of ninjas or sheriffs (or Erichs), do you remember when JSDC reader Kelli won a sweet JSDC prize? Since she was recently in the same area as The Professor, we were able to arrange for said sweet prize to be hand delivered. This is just one of many services we here at JSDC provide.

(Another service is a glimpse of The Awesome.)

(Or a royal beat down for those who illegally glimpse into your windows.)

PS: Erich spells his name with a “h.” Because he”s the King of a Viking clan.

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