Hear the Ringing 

I have returned from seeing The Revenge of the Sith for a second time. I stand by my previous entry.

The story is an amazing modern myth. One of the best.
The storytelling is horrible. It ruins the experience.

I was actually depressed after seeing it the first time. I wasn”t sure if this was due to the tragedy of the story or my disappointment in its execution. Today, after giving it a great deal of thought, I realize that it is because it hurts to see such a great story, one that I truly care about, treated so poorly. It actually hurts. The kind of hurt that makes you call into question your own writing, your own career as a storyteller.

It would be like sitting in the minors while the MLB went into decline. You stand by as the greats, your heroes, fall in the process. You watch as people stop believing and turn away. By the time you get to the show, what will be left? Why even play? Perhaps it has always been this way. Perhaps you are just now old enough to see the change and that”s why you think things are different, growing worse”

George Lucas Luke Skywalkered the film industry, now, years later, he has returned to Darth Vader all that he built. Does anyone ever earn the right to fail that way? I don't know. And I don't know how this will affect new generations of storytellers.

As for me?

I no longer see it as a tragedy,

But as a challenge.

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