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Per the loads of feedback I”ve received over the past few weeks, I am taking today to get ahead and handle some updates. This means that I won”t be answering JSDC mail for a few days.


I will, however, be reading comments while doing backend work on the site. I”m also finishing the screenplay, dealing with some meetings and devising a plan to kick Carson Daly off the air. Forever.

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I just happened to stumble across your site. You seem to know(ish) famous people, people who can access the media etc. So if I can influence you I can possibly get to them - and they can then influence everyone.

This is a good thing because I want to make the world a better place. I want to do this by changing the way the world is organised so that more 'rights' are given to more people. Things like education, healthcare, housing.

In short I am a Communist.

This does not mean I kill people or am a mass murderer - this is a partial misinterpretation on the part of the capitalist media.

If you would like to find out more please go to

For some Maoist movie reviews - maybe they will change the way you look at the world.

Rob Mahan,

PS. I am not crazy I have a regular job and dont shout at people in the street.

Dear Crazy,

Haven”t you heard? Communism was played out before I was even born. Nowadays people are only afraid of Middle Easterners*, which is understandable because they are all terrorists.

Stop emailing me or I”m going to have The Gunn hack your site and put up photos of people looking awesome while enjoying capitalism.

Free Marketly,

*Note: This is sarcasm. I have many friends who are from the Middle East and I”m pretty sure that most of them aren”t terrorists. If they are, however, I would like for the government to know that we really aren”t that good of friends and that Carson Daly is their leader.

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