The Turn of the Screw 

Ah, writing, acting, sports” Why must all of my endeavors be the sort that can easily drive one mad?

I am so near to finishing my current screenplay that I can almost touch the hot sun of success and burn to death in happiness, yet, the next moment I find myself gazing up at the prize from far, far below. Back on Earth. Looking at all the problems in the narrative and exposition and seeing that the solutions are further away than the sky itself.

My pal Robert cheered me by explaining, “It”s like a screw. It takes a little doing to get it started, then it gets easier for a while, but those last few turns, the ones that really make it tight, are the hardest.”* Sometimes, although you may already know something, it helps to have confirmation.

Still, it has been a hard journey. How many more hours can I toy and tweak with the Garden State Soundtrack playing in the background? This story is dear to me. I have tied my soul to every tree in the wood of the world I”ve created. This story must not fail.

Sometimes, when I”m typing, I look up at the ceiling and not the screen. I”m a very good typist, so the words never turn out to be anything accidentally interesting. I guess it”s sort of a weird freedom” To not worry about how it looks while doing. I used this technique on this very entry and did not edit it one bit. It probably shows, but I don”t care.

*Not so much his exact words but instead how I remember them.

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