Jessica: Binto Clean!
Jessica: Spoonerism, ha!
ClintoBean: Can I help you with something?
Jessica: Yes, do you know how to back a chocolate cake?
Jessica: From scratch?
ClintoBean: No.
Jessica: Well then no, you cannot help me with something. This is not so much due to the fact that I have nothing to ask, but more so with your inability to bake.
ClintoBean: Well, since cakes suck, I've chosen not to learn to "back" them.
Jessica: So you are saying you cannot get behind cake?
Jessica: You”ôre talking like a crazy person.
ClintoBean: As are you.
Jessica: So you are saying that you are talking like me?
Jessica: And we are both talking like Michael Jackson?
Jessica: Would it not follow, then, that you have an obsession with Peter Pan?
Jessica: (Bask in the glory of my Socratic method.)
ClintoBean: Hardly.
ClintoBean: What spurs such inanity in the early afternoon?
Jessica: Um, hello, I've only been awake for two hours.
ClintoBean: That doesn't change that it's afternoon.
Jessica: Oh yes, yes it does.
Jessica: You see, I don't believe in time anyway, so this is all moot.
ClintoBean: Then how do you know you got up 2 hours ago?
Jessica: That was me speaking your language.
ClintoBean: Take as much time as you need to answer.
Jessica: I will now leave you to ponder my Socratic skills and the meaning of your life.
Jessica: In conclusion: Big Ben is bell, not a clock.
ClintoBean: That is the worst argument I have ever heard.

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