Knee High 

BAM! I serve up entries so fast you can”t keep up, son.

Anyway, one of my friends called me yesterday. I didn”t answer my phone, (I was screening my calls,) so she left me the following voicemail:

“Jessica, I”m calling you to tell you that I saw someone wearing legwarmers today and it looked really good. I guess you were right: They are back in and they can look awesome. Call me back and tell me where you bought yours. Bye!”

Ha! Take that, everyone who made fun of me back in VA for wearing legwarmers! I am certifiably awesome. I”ve been wearing legwarmers since last spring and now they are going mainstream. People in CA stop me to tell me how wicked rad they look. Furthermore, anyone who missed the ”80s definitely has the right to wear legwarmers as much as they like without censure. I mean, they”re like socks, but totally better because they go over your shoe. And that, my friend, is hella cool.

Related Photo: Legwarmers J.Sto

PS: I am totally not telling anyone where I get my legwarmers.

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