Struggling Through Space 

” Stretch! Feels good, right?

True Stories:

Flying to VA on Saturday for nine day stint of eating, movies and watching movies while eating. (Stover Mancha. Woot.)

This past Sunday saw the police nab two criminals at Starbucks. Entire “Keep your hands where we can see them!” action complete with helicopters circling above. Why do strange things always happen to me at the Gower Gulch Starbucks? Maybe is portal to other dimension. Must investigate further.

Actually watched news in attempts to get story of Gower Gulch caper. Was not covered on news. Apprently, in Los Angeles, someone must get shot in order for news station to be interested.

Have completely lost summer tan. Dagnabbit.

Am not sure how one actually spells “Dangnabiit.” Is probably meant to be said and not spelled.

Did not win lottery today. Suspect that if lottery tickets were sold at the Gower Gulch Starbucks, then would definitely win.

Am close(r) to finishing screenplay. Need more time in day for scene analysis and rehearsals because am devoting every second to writing.

Really miss playing team sports/open water swimming. Can”t wait to go snowboarding, horseback riding, hiking, camping and anything else away from the city that may result in death.

Am talking on cell phone too much. Will probably have cancer in right side of brain. Perhaps will make me brilliant writer or incredibly powerful smart guy such as in case of John Travolta in Phenomenon.

Why do the majority of the people who read this site never post? I know you”re there. I can see you. (Have magical brain tumor, remember?)

So, what is the weirdest medieval torture you”ve ever heard of?

Seriously. I don”t have time to research it.

In fact, can someone please spell check this for me? Thank you. Oh yes and bring me some hot chocloate and do my laundry. Gooddaytoyou.

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