Code Orange 

Jessica: I feel the need to tell you that Elijah Wood is online and he has a 10% warning level. He is SO in trouble.
VeggieGirl: LOL
Jessica: I mean, who warns Frodo Baggins? That is definitely not cool. He saved Middle Earth! He must have done something wicked bad...
VeggieGirl: i dunno! thats so funny.
Jessica: He also has a snazzy new icon, which is obviously a photo he took of himself with a digital camera.
Jessica: (Because his head is really big and close to the camera.)
VeggieGirl: omg. thats so vain. a pic of himself. ah, but i still luv him hehe
Jessica: Well, lots of people have pix of themselves
Jessica: I mean, my icon is my website logo.
Jessica: And if it weren”t, it definitely would be a photo of ME.
Jessica: Or of a Ninja.
Jessica: Or of me as a Ninja.
VeggieGirl: yah but yours is just an icon. so thats not so vain. lol
Jessica: Yes, mine is less vain than usual.
Jessica: Of course, I do have an entire site dedicated to ME.
VeggieGirl: thats true. i take it back then. you are VAIN. haha
Jessica: Did I mention that the 10% warning for Elijah Wood is showing up on my buddy list and making his sn orange?
Jessica: It is making me want to warn him.
Jessica: Just to see if it turns red.
Jessica: It's like the terror level.
Jessica: Elijah Wood is obviously a terrorist.
VeggieGirl: NOOO!!! not frodo!
VeggieGirl: you should warn him and maybe he'll talk to you
Jessica: Yeah, or I could just IM him if I wanted to talk to him.
VeggieGirl: well then you should ask him why he isnt in a movie this christmas!!!
Jessica: I”m not allowed to IM him anymore.
VeggieGirl: why?
Jessica: Because I'm not a traitor to America, fool.

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