Smarter, Smartest 

C3PSto: Jessica, I'm smarter than you.
Jessica: OK, Jason.
C3PSto: lol
C3PSto: Yeah I said that on purpose.
Jessica: Yeah no shit.
C3PSto: Because I still think it's funny that Jason had to tell you he is smarter than you.
C3PSto: Because that automatically means that he knows he's not smarter than you.
Jessica: Well, I think all summer long I treated Jason and Jimmy like they were both less than smart.
Jessica: ie I was always like "good one, smart guy." As if it was expected when they did stupid junk.
Jessica: And that it was common knowledge that I am smarter.
C3PSto: Yeah, I do that too though. I treat boys like I”m smarter than them
C3PSto: because I am
C3PSto: all boys, everywhere
Jessica: I do that, too.
Jessica: We get it from M.Sto doing that to The Grizz.
C3PSto: Yeah, you're totally right.
Jessica: If I post this on my site she will freak!
C3PSto: Yeah she will
Jessica: She”ll call me a dumbass.
Jessica: Or the mayor of dumbassville.
Jessica: Or, if she's cool, she'll call me a jacqueminot dumbass.
C3PSto: And it probably won't make Dad too happy.
Jessica: Um, The Grizz doesn't use the Internet.
Jessica: Sohe'llneverknow.
C3PSto: Yeah, I know, but mom would tell him
Jessica: She's got a big mouth.
C3PSto: Yeah she does.
Jessica: Oh man, she”s going to kill me. Maybe I can distract her with this awesome teaser poster.

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