Star Wars: Instant Messenger 

Jessica: Dude, I just counted and I have twice the IM entries as you. It”™s 46 to 86.
Jessica: (Surprisingly.)
ClintoBean: Twice as many?
Jessica: I would have thought it would have been more. Anyway, I win. 2 to 1.
ClintoBean: Oh I see: You think I talk that little.
Jessica: Or I talk that much.
Jessica: On second thought, it is definitely a lacking on your side.
Jessica: As I am awesome in every way.
Jessica: Except the mathematical way. But that way sucks.
ClintoBean: Yes, that is a bad way.
Jessica: Yes. That is the way to the dark side.
Jessica: Hatred, anger... all lead to the mathematical way.
Jessica: Dude, the name for SW Episode 3 is:
Jessica: Revenge of the Sith
Jessica: Revenge of the Nerds
Jessica: It could be worse. (Attack of the Clones)
ClintoBean: That's pretty bad.
Jessica: Yes. It could be better.
Jessica: Revenge is a much more loaded word than “Return”¯ as in Return of the Jedi. Ep. 4-6 have such simple, excellent titles.
ClintoBean: What was the second one called?
Jessica: Attack of the Clones.
Jessica: Which sounds like a parody
Jessica: Like Space Balls.
ClintoBean: Kind of. At least that has some basis since, in Episode 5, Ben talks about the clone wars.
Jessica: And Phantom Menace is too heavy handed. It's like two thesarus words smugly put together.
Jessica: Well Ep. 2 is the beg. of the Clone Wars.
Jessica: But it just sounds comical.
Jessica: ”¯Ahhhh it's the attack of the clones!”¯
Jessica: Like the attack of the 40 foot woman, or something.
Jessica: Attack of the overly large bunnies!
Jessica: Comical.
ClintoBean: Yes. "The Clone Wars" would have been much better.
Jessica: Star Wars: Clone Wars was the TV anime series, which I enjoyed.
Jessica: But Ep. 2 is not the actual Clone Wars.
Jessica: It is what leads up to the Clone Wars.
Jessica: The resolution is basically that the war has begun. (“Begun, this clone war has.”¯ ”“ Yoda)
ClintoBean: True, but you can't very well call it "The Incidents, Conflicts, Conversations, and Sex Acts That Lead To The Clone Wars".
Jessica: Let me try to think up a better title.
Jessica: Star Wars: Secret Army.
Two Armies.
Maybe I should focus on the love story?
Star Wars: Bad Acting
Jessica: Star Wars: The Creeping Suspician
Jessica: Oh wait, that's basically The Phantom Menace.
ClintoBean: Star Wars: Attack of The Gigantic Ass Monsters That Graze While Padme and Anakin Make Out.
Jessica: Haha--Those things are wack.
ClintoBean: Out of Control.
Jessica: They're like cows with big rumps yo. And little heads.
Jessica: That is cracking me up, but I am still on target.
Jessica: Star Wars: Political Confusion
Jessica: Star Wars: Rogue Chanceller
Jessica: Star Wars: Cry Baby Anakin
Jessica: Star Wars: Forbidden Alliance
Jessica: That sounds like a video game.
Jessica: I rule.
Jessica: Star Wars: Jessica Rules
ClintoBean: Star Wars: Obvious Parallel To The Coliseum.
Jessica: Star Wars: Not as bad as Episode One but still sucky.
ClintoBean: Nice one.
Jessica: Star Wars: Nice one.
Jessica: Star Wars: Because We Can.
Jessica: They need to make a movie called
Star Wars: Jedi Gangstahs
I'd see that.
Jessica: I need to stop watching the SW Gangstah Rap.
ClintoBean: The Starry and the Warriorlike.
Jessica: Star Wars of our Lives
Jessica: (Are we on a soap kick?)
Jessica: Anakin's Creek
Jessica: The S.W.
Jessica: Or were you referring to Fast and Furious? In which case: 2 Star 2 Wars. Rock that, biotch.
ClintoBean: Tantooie Confidential.
Jessica: Oooo touchƩ.
Jessica: The Lord of the Light Sabers.
Jessica: (BTW, that is totally me)
Jessica: (The "Lord.")
Jessica: (That is.)
ClintoBean: Yes.
Jessica: Gone in 60 Parsecs
ClintoBean: Tiefighter!
Jessica: Crouching Jedi, Hidden Vader
Jessica: Boo-yah!
Jessica: Sith Club
Jessica: “First rule of Sith Club, Never talk about Sith Club.”¯
Jessica: Vader vs. Emperor
Whoever wins... we lose.
Jessica: i, Jedi
Jessica: This could go on for hours. We better stop.
Jessica: And now, I will retire.
ClintoBean: Fair enough.
ClintoBean: Take it easy.
Jessica: PO, foolio.

Update: Lookatthis.

ClintoBean: Ohh, what the fuck is that?
Jessica: Kyle”™s interpretation of how we are huge nerds or something.
ClintoBean: I am not fucking homestarrunner.

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