Paul Walker 

NO NO NO NO! Paul Walker died. He was wonderful to me:

He was completely charming and kind to crew and fans.

He was a warm scene partner and a team player.

He engaged my improvised silliness for hours and was completely open to building on it.

Union rules be damned: If there was something nearby that needed to be moved on set like a tripod, he'd dash over and move it himself, then get affectionately scolded by the producers. (Actors aren't allowed to move things - even light things - around set.)

It was over 100 degrees outside on the day in question and we were standing on a racetrack which increased the effect of the blaring sun. Yet when there were fans hovering nearby hoping to meet him, instead of heading back into our shady, air conditioned trailer, he used his breaks to stop over and have a moment with them.

On that shoot, I complained of the heat. On other shoots, other guests complained about the sometimes challenging improvised nature of the show. Paul Walker didn't complain about anything. He was not precious: He came ready and willing to contribute.

He was passionate about cars and accordingly chose the shoot activity. We cut quite a lot of technical talk (among other things, as you do) from the edit. He knew his stuff and spoke the insider language of the specialists who handled the cars.

I've said it before: Of all the publicly known and celebrated people who I've worked with, he was my favorite guest. It was a surprise: At the time of booking I didn't want to do the shoot. But if I hadn't, I would have missed out on knowing a lovely person.

And today all of the possibilities branching from his life force were suddenly blinked out of existence: A cruel and tragic cutting come way too soon.

Paul's relief organization: ROWW (Reach Out Worldwide) | Video of him working in Haiti

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