Wingmen Are Swift! 

A    M I L L E N N I A L    P R O P O S A L

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When I log on for the first time each day, I'm hoping to find something interesting. Quality media that captures my imagination. Bold news stories or community movements. Bursts of activity in our project web spaces. Essentially: Signs of life.

Typically, it's business as usual.

Today, however, HOO-RAH! Patriots are out in full force!

A few days ago I released an article titled A MILLENNIAL PROPOSAL.

My original intention in testing the Amazon KDP program was to see if it was possible to publish screenplay. Unfortunately it is not: The formatting does not work. At this time it would work as an app, but those cost too much to produce and promote. It wouldn't be worth going that route right now.

Usually when I write, I write first and think about publishing afterward. I generally work with the understanding that writing "for" something begins to compromise the work.

A MILLENNIAL PROPOSAL was no exception. Upon finishing, I realized the essay was highly unlikely to be published by literary or news outlets, which are competitive to begin with. The essay is suited best to presentation without comment, probably through a newspaper platform.

Given the argument involved, I realized that it was unlikely that appropriate op-ed sections would publish such a thing. I mean, think about it: These guys sit around pontificating about the economy every day and then - BOOM! - I swoop in and solve the whole thing out of nowhere.

Once again, I knew I was on my own. I thought about what the nextgen version of literary political pamphlets might be and decided to try the essay as a single for Kindle via Amazon. Of course I am never fully on my own, because of you Wingmen. Evidence:

A couple days later”

"Not all will like her ideas, but they should be seriously considered. This book is going viral in my circle of Millenial friends."

I don't know which of you wrote the reviews populating the page. All I can say is that you are true patriots doing the US of A an important service.

"As a millennial myself, I found plenty of interesting and useful advice on how to make a place for myself in this world."

Via A MILLENNIAL PROPOSAL, together you and I are working to save our country. Thanks for reading. With your techie digital political pamphlets and in-universe reviews, you all are Swiftians from the future!

"I cannot believe what this book is proposing! Any parents out there should be aware! If you see your child reading this stop them!"

Perfection. Don't forget to sign up for Boomify beta!

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