Artemis on NBC 


Congratulations to our digital designer Greg Martin whose work was surfed on the telly, and to all Wingman whose support (and faces!) appeared on screen today. It is not at all crazy to me that when we launched we had nothing but big ideas, blank space and a lack of infrastructure and now? BOOM! Significant amounts of tangible success and progress, all while staying true to our ethos, which is unprecedented. I knew we could do this. The first Wingmen knew we could do this. I prepped hard with strong support from colleagues, you took a leap with me and together we've continued to push forward despite the incredible obstacles that mar the media landscape. It's worth noting, and you should all be proud. Go team! No wimps!

And thanks to anchor-personality Angie Goff & her crew for digging into what we're all about. If you're new here, click "begin", load the map and add your fire to ours! This movie does not happen unless you make it official and become a Wingman. And hey, right now you can take advantage of the limited edition BAM!♥ new Wingman opportunity just below!

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