Inbox: 2 10 2 Questions 

Today seems a good day to again answer 10 questions at random from my Inbox.

Jess, I wish I lived in Hollywood. Who was the last celeb you saw and where did you see them? ”“ Gina
Yesterday morning I saw some famous people at breakfast. Too many people already live in Hollywood. You can”™t come.

What”™s the genre of your script? Can you tell me more about it? -- Bobby
The script genre is Awesome.

If I were to say anything else, I”™d have to Chinese water torture you until you forgot all of my story secrets.

I read your favorites list and I really liked it. We have a lot in common. ”“ Anui Soi
No we don”™t. I”™m all original. I'm like The Real Slim Shady, but cooler. And you didn”™t ask a question.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, well you know the rest. Put that on your site. Yeah. -- Phil
He”™d chuck all the wood that a woodchuck could. Then he”™d chuck your face. Next question!

It seems to me you get tired of people telling you you”™re too young. ”“ Sid
I get annoyed when people address me in general, much less when they tell me I'm "too" anything.

You are coming up #2 in Google now! What did you do?
Let”™s just say The Gunn is crossing off the Google sites above my listing like The Bride crosses of people on her hit list. Except his sword is a computer mouse and his master is Bill Gates. And he”™s never worn a wedding dress.

Hey when are you going to answer more questions from your email like from before? ”“ Ben
Right now, idiot.

When will I get to see pictures of people looking at Jessica”™s pictures? ”“ Kara
When I get enough of them to put up a gallery. Feel free to submit.

That was less than 10 questions. ”“ Andre
I knew you were going to point that out so I went ahead and posted it for you. Check, yo. I am always two moves ahead.

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