Winter Project 

You may have noticed that over the history of JSDC, each year I get disillusioned toward the end of September, and the result is my making and distributing something myself. Aidmheil, Greyfeather #2

This year is different.

As I wait to shoot Artemis Eternal in the spring... I shot an odd side project this week. It is already in the can. The production money was funded by a small angel donation (thank you, John).

So, do you want to see it?

If you want to see the film, then donate to post production. After we get through post to my satisfaction, I will release the work online for FREE. In the past I’ve done preorders to help finance book production and printing of various projects we’ve made available, and this film is exactly like a preorder; except that everyone benefits from your preorder, everyone gets a delivery, when the delivery comes.

Should you be a donator you will also get your name in the credits. Tell me, what film have you ever ordered that did that for you? Bing bong—

If you are a student who greatly wants to donate, but, you know, has to buy groceries and books, then perhaps those who have the spare cash will donate and you won’t have to. See how that could work? It ads up pretty quick, as we saw with the initial JSDC-er Artemis Eternal fundraising. But this, of course, could have a much more immediate payoff in terms of delivery. Anyway, we did it before, so I know it can be done. This will get done. It is merely a question of when.

If everyone who visited JSDC Monday morning put in ten bucks, then it’d be done and done. (And done.)


Or, if everyone on my mailing list who received the note I just sent out donated two dollars, then it'd be done.


If you don’t want to see it, then do nothing. Without the post money it will neither be finished nor released. That way you can see how easily you can breathe life with but a little movement or kill things with lethargy, how easily things live or die when you vote with your wallets; both by what you patronize and don’t patronize. Your choice, (Wing)man.

Regardless, it’s in the can. We shot in HD. Progressive Productions handled cinematography and the genre is the same as that of the very Scrolls you are now reading over what I typically do in film; narrative genre fiction, which is why I consider this film “odd” for me. It’s non-commercial and I highly doubt that I will ever turn a profit on it since I’m releasing it online for free. There is a possibility of festival-ing it as well. It’s the kind of project that was virtually unscripted and thus will take me a little longer on the back end to weave it together and tweak. I haven’t even seen all the footage yet because I’ll need an external HD and a post facility to view it all as step one. Yep: Even small projects are pricey. I’m not saying I’m going to post the project at this post house, but wanted to show you an example of post-production rates That’s for video. When you shoot film the prices go up. (Perhaps now you begin to understand why I lose sleep over Artemis on a continual basis.)

And now’s the moment when I take a moment to thank the cast-crew: Thank you, thank you, thank you, you generous stars of teamwork, you.

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